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Sawan 2020: 10 Easy Fasting Recipes That You Can Enjoy This Month

Fasting is on the cards at this point in time. Shravan, the Hindu month of fasting is about to start. Shravan is considered an auspicious month for the Hindus. In North India, it starts from today and it is called as Sawan Month. In South India, it starts from 21 July and it is called as Shravana Masa in Karnataka, Shravana Masam in Telugu.

In North India, during this month, most Hindus abstain from eating non-vegetarian food. It is the month of vegetarianism and most women observe fast on every Monday during this month.

Some people also observe fast on every day of the month. Hindu fasting norms are pretty difficult to follow. You are not supposed to eat non-vegetarian food, rice, onions, garlic and even common salt. In such a case cooking recipes with all the norms followed is a tricky job. So, what should you do?


Do not fret, Boldsky is here to help you out to plan your fasting during Shravan with our collection of delectable fasting recipes. These are easy fasting recipes which do not require much hassle. Check out these ten easy fasting recipes for Shravan.


Singhare Ki Poori

Singhare ka atta or water chestnut flour is available in almost any grocery shop. So, you just need to buy this flour from the market and add a few ingredients to it to make these special singhare ki poori. Singhare ki poori is easy to make healthy recipe and a perfect dish to try during the fast.


Kala Chana Sundal

Usually the kala chana is made with a few spices with a North Indian touch. However here we have a South Indian style kala chana recipe which is equally amazing. This recipe is called kala chana sundal and it has a spicy and tangy taste.


Rajgira Thalipeeth

A thalipeeth is a kind of chapati eaten in Maharashtra. This thalipeeth recipe is prepared using the rajgira flour and mashed potatoes. It is an easy recipe and gets ready in minutes.


Fruit Salad

People who fast during Shravan have to look after what they are eating! As they eat once in a day, the food needs to be healthy and nutritious. Fruit salads are healthy oil free vrat recipes which can be consumed anytime in the day.


Kuttu Ki Poori

The dough is kneaded with kuttu ka atta and rolled small puris are then fried in steaming hot oil. The kuttu ki puris can be served with boiled potato sabzi.


Sabudana Thalipeeth

Sabudana thalipeeth is a very common recipe for fasting in northern part of India and Maharashtra. The dough is similar to that of sabudana vada but the end result is very different. This can be made with very less oil on a non stick pan. Here is the recipe.


Kuttu Ka Pakora

If you are observing a fast during Shravan, then you must eating some healthy vrat recipes which are filling. Kuttu ka atta must be definitely at home. So, try some delicious kuttu ka pakora recipe which is tasty, crisp and perfect fasting snack.


Vrat Ka Pulao

Sama ke chawal, or samvat rice or Mordhna are the Hindi names for Barnyard millet. It can be eaten during fasting and is a good source of carbohydrates and proteins. Take a look at vrat ka pulao recipe.


Mashed Sabudana

Mashed sabudana is a fast recipe from Bengal. As per the norms of the fast, this dish does not require any salt. Most fasting recipes contain a bit of rock salt (sanda namak), but this dish is for those who keep the fast very religiously.


Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a very popular fast recipe especially in the Western part of the country. It is a food you can eat safely when you are fasting for religious purposes. It is even otherwise a healthy Sabudana recipe for breakfast or to carry a lunch as lunch box to office.