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Top 15 Sweet Recipes To Try On Eid

You just cannot start your Eid celebrations without the mention of sweets. The exotic Muslim specialty dish seviyan is the most craved for dish of this festival. Whether a Muslim or not we all definitely love to visit our Muslim friends on the day of Eid just to have a taste of the lovely sweets which is prepared for the festival.

Apart from seviyan there are a whole lot of other sweet recipes for Eid as well which make our taste-buds go crazy with delight. Phirni or rice pudding for example is a sweet that is made specially during this season. You can hardly imagine the whole experience of Eid without talking about the special sweet dish phirni. Shahi tukra and sheer kurma are some of the other popular dessert recipes prepared during Eid.


So, Boldsky has put together a list of these traditional as well as non-traditional sweet recipes which are a must try on this Eid. These 15 sweet recipes for Eid will make you love this festive season all the more and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.


Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra is a very royal sounding name. 'Shahi' literally translates to 'royal' and 'tukra' means 'pieces'. However, the bread pudding recipe that is used in preparing Shahi Tukra is quite simple. This bread pudding recipe is meant for special occasions like family gatherings and festivals.


Kaju Halwa

This halwa recipe is laughably simple but do not be deceived by it's simplicity; it is seriously delicious. This quick Eid recipe can earn you lots of undeserved compliments.


Badam Phirni

It originally hails from Kashmir. It is a milk dessert which is made with rice paste. A healthy twist added to this phirni recipe is that it is made with jaggery which does not add much calories to your body. The crunch of almonds makes this badam phirni an absolutely delightful treat for your taste-buds.


Sweet Samosa

Sweet samosas are a bit of a paradox because when we say samosas you imagine hot crispy triangles that will taste like spicy cooked vegetables when you bite into them. But all Eid recipes cannot be hot and spicy, we need some desserts too. This samosa recipe is also for a fried snacks item, the only difference is that it is an sweet dish.


Qimami Seviyan

Qimami Seviyan is a Ramzan recipe with a difference. Normally, seviyan or vermicelli is prepared a bit soggy with milk and sugar. But for this Lucknow special dish, the vermicelli is cooked a little dry and laced with sweetness. Be rest assured that this dish tastes just as delicious as it looks.


Sheer Khurma

Sheer khurma is a popular Mughlai dessert recipe prepared with vermicelli and dried dates. The milk is first boiled till it is reduced and then cooked with fried vermicelli. The flavour of cardamom is simply mouthwatering and this tempting recipe is sure to give you a lip-smacking treat.



Basundi is a special sweet recipe which is very similar to kheer. This indian dessert recipe hails from the state of Maharashtra. The rice is soaked in water, then coarsely ground and cooked in milk with a mix of dry fruits. This sweet recipe is served chilled and is relished by almost everyone who has a sweet tooth.



Eid just cannot be deemed complete without a bowl full of seviyan. This is the most easy and the traditional dish which is served on Eid.


Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa might be a time consuming sweet dish recipe, but the flavour and likings towards the halwa can make you wait and cook without any hassle. Gajar ka halwa is prepared in two different methods; one using milk and second using khoya (mawa).


Sweet Rava Kachori

Khasta kachori for example is a filling kachori meal that people usually have for breakfast. But, sometimes you feel like making sweet kachoris that are mostly available in the sweet shops. Well, it is not difficult to prepare sweet kachoris. All you need is rava, mawa, dry fruits and nuts. Let us take a look at the recipe to prepare sweet rava kachoris.


Dates Halwa

Dates halwa is a delicious and nutritious dessert recipe to try out for Eid. To prepare this lip-smacking delight make sure that you use soft, de-seeded dates. If the dates you have are hard, then soak them in warm milk for 5-6 hours and then go on with the recipe. Dates halwa is not only delicious but also healthy at the same time since dates are a rich source of iron, vitamins and minerals.


Mava Malpua

Malpua is a traditional Indian sweet. It is basically a fried pancake dunked in sugar syrup. The recipe is very simple and requires no skills. Just mix the batter and pour it in hot ghee. That's all you have to do to make this wonderful sweet at home. Do give it a try.



Phirni is a rice pudding and a common sweet dish during the festivals. As the Eid is here, add this sweet dish to make the festive season a sweet and memorable one.


Sweet Mathri

The mathris are a popular snack. The sweet version of mathri is even more delectable. The best part of this sweet recipe is that you can make it in one go and store it for a long time. So, you save on the labour and get to enjoy your sweet dish everyday.


Shahi Toast

Shahi toast is among one of the most awesome Indian sweets recipe. This bread recipe is very simple and hardly requires few minutes. Shahi toast is actually a kind of sweet toast that is made with milk, sugar and a lot of dry fruits and nuts. And what makes this bread recipe all the more special is the fact that it is liked by almost all people.

Story first published: Monday, July 28, 2014, 13:08 [IST]
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