Find The Perfect Shade Of Blush For Each Lip Shade

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Believe it or not, the kind of blush you use with your lipstick, does matter. You can't just pair a coral blush with a pink lipstick. So, we'll tell you how to find the perfect shade of blush for each lipstick.
If you pair the wrong blush shade with a lipstick, you can end up looking quite unnatural and it just looks off, kind of like a clown. Just using any random blush will not work at all.
So yes, you would need to own more than just one blush if you like experimenting with lipstick shades.
Here's a guide to what shades of blush go well with your lipstick shades.


1. Red:

With red lipsticks the best option would be to go for a blush that has a slight orange or coral tone to it. You could even go for a bright pinkish red shade if the shade of red you are using is a bright one. For deeper reds, go for brick red shade of blush.


2. Pink:

For any pink lipstick, a pink blush with any undertone would go well. This is the most flexible type of blush to use with most lipstick shades.


3. Coral:

Peach toned blushes go best with coral lipsticks. Any peach pink shade of blush works well here.


4. Nude:

This can be a little complicated­ especially because nude lipsticks can have varying undertones. For pinkish nudes, go for a light, dusty pink shade, and for browner nudes, go for an earthy sort of shade. Pink and brown should never be paired together.


5. Wine:

Berry toned blushes go well with wine lipsticks. You can even go for pink blushes with this. So, your pink blush is definitely a multitasking blush.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 17:08 [IST]
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