10 Impressive Benefits Of Rosewater You Should Know

By Kalyani Sakharkar
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Rosewater, with its ethereal smell, makes for a perfect skincare staple this summer. This simple beauty product has immense beauty benefits and is a favourite of most ladies, thanks to the soothing effect it can have on your skin.

Rosewater not just smells great but is also known to soften your skin, give it a glow and keep your skin free from infections and dryness. Well, there are many more benefits of rose water you will be pleasantly surprised to know about. We have for you 10 most impressive benefits of rose water and how it can really help your skin.

 10 Benefits Of Rosewater

Lesser-known Benefits Of Rosewater

1. Works as a great skin toner

Skin toning is one of the most important steps of any skincare routine. It helps extremely well in removing the pesky oil and dirt from your face. This prevents your skin pores from blocking and lets your skin retain moisture and breathe freely. It also prevents the acne-causing bacteria from growing on your skin. This rose water toner is safe to use for all skin types.

2. Maintains the natural pH of your skin

Rosewater is excellent in maintaining your natural pH of the skin. It removes any excess acidic pH caused by the use of harsh facial cleansers and soaps that may damage your skin cells over time. Rose water can help you remove those acids and maintain your skin's pH at a normal 7.

3. Helps reduce puffiness of the face

Rosewater contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. It can help you get rid of those puffy eyes instantly. And it calms your eyes with its soothing and refreshing properties. Just dab it around your eyes or put a cotton soaked in rose water over your eyes for a few minutes to see the best results.

4. Has anti-ageing properties

Rosewater is known to slow down ageing and keep your face looking youthful and fresh. Rose water contains a good amount of antioxidants that are known to fight and reduce the free radical damage. It also protects you from the damage caused by the sun's harmful UV rays. Just make sure you apply it to your face before heading out.

5. Helps in soothing sunburns

Rose water is well known for its cooling effect. It is thus one of the best remedies for treating sunburns. Usually, sunburns are very sensitive and tend to give you an itchy feeling. This will cool down and also help in the healing of your sunburnt skin.

6. Helps in reducing acne naturally

If you want to reduce the occurrence of acne on your face naturally, using rose water is one of the most natural ways to do that. Rose water helps in removing all the residual excess oil secretion from your face that otherwise promotes the growth of bacteria. Rose water will keep your skin free from these microbes and hence reduce the regular occurrence of acne on your face.

7. Best skin tonic for sensitive skin

Women who have sensitive skin find it the most difficult to find a skin tonic or skin toners that won't irritate their skin. Rose water is safe to be used by any skin type, as it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that suit every type of skin and related issues.

8. Hydrates your skin and makes it healthy

Even though rose water is used as a skin toner, it is not at all drying on your skin, unlike a lot of store-bought astringents. Instead, rose water is known to hydrate your skin and improve dryness concerns of women. Rose water can make your skin moisturized, soft and supple.

9. Helps in fighting skin infections

Rose water contains a cooling effect on the skin infections like psoriasis and eczema. It also helps in reducing any inflammation and soothes your skin from a few skin conditions.

10. Rejuvenates your skin

Rose water is a naturally refreshing product that can make you feel instantly fresh after just spraying it on over your face, after a tiring day of work. The fresh smell invokes calmness and instantly puts you in a fresh mood. Just carry natural rose water in a spray bottle with you and spray it on for instant rejuvenation.

Rose water is definitely one of the easiest to use, safe and a natural ingredient that is safe for most skin types and has so many benefits you can definitely make use of in your daily skincare routine. Its divine smell is another good reason why rose water is a great choice for natural skin care.

We hope you like our informative post on rose water and its impressive benefits for skin care. Let us know if we have missed any important skin benefits of rose water and we shall include it our future posts.

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    Story first published: Friday, May 18, 2018, 16:30 [IST]
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