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DIY: How To Make Your Own Rose Water At Home

By Rima Chowdhury

Rose water is one of the amazing ingredients that everyone loves to include in their daily skin care routine. It helps to soften your skin, adds a pinkish glow and also gives you a radiant-looking skin.

According to history, it has been more than 1000 years when rose or rose water is being used in India for beauty purposes.

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Rose and rose water is undoubtedly a perfect magic potion which enhances everyone's beauty. As a toner, as a cleanser or even a facial mask, there are innumerable ways by which you could use rose water.

Well, today, we've shared an easy recipe of how to make rose water at home. Yes, you can make rose water at home and even use it on a regular basis.

Here are the ingredients you'd require for this...

- One rose (or 10-12 rose petals)

- One bowl full of water


- Take one rose and carefully remove the petals.

- Now, take one bowl filled with water and allow it to boil.

- Wait until the water boils completely.

- Then, add the rose petals to the water and cover the lid.

- Allow the water as well as the petals to boil for some time.

- The colour of the rose petals will start to fade after a while.

- Once the rose petals turn into a pale pink colour, turn off the flame.

- Leave the water for 2-3 hours and allow it to cool down.

- Once the water cools down, store the water in a bottle and refrigerate it.

- Use it on a regular basis.

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Benefits Of Using Rose Water:

- Rose water is extremely useful for dry skin, as it helps to keep the skin hydrated all day long.

- It helps to prevent an appearance of acne, boils and blemishes on the skin.

- Rose water is also known to be an excellent cleanser, which helps to get rid of the dirt and oil accumulated on the skin.

- It helps to calm down the redness and irritation on the skin.

- Due to anti-inflammatory properties found in rose water, it helps to treat sunburned skin as well.

- Due to antioxidants found in rose water, it can help to regenerate the cells and skin tissues.

- Regular application of rose water can help to prevent ageing of the skin, and also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face as well.

- Rose water is a natural toner which works effectively on a dry and sensitive skin.

- It helps to treat dark circles and also deals with puffiness.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 23, 2017, 17:02 [IST]