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Rose Water

12 Simple And Effective Ways To Use Rose Water For Acne
Rose water is a powerful natural ingredient whose full potential we haven't tapped into yet. At the most, we use rose water to tone our face or cleanse it. Did you know that rose water is an effective remedy for many ...
Rose Water For Acne

10 Rosewater Benefits For Skin & Ways To Use It
Rosewater is one of the most commonly used natural ingredients for skin care. It offers a number of skin care benefits apart from imparting a natural glow. It possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are beneficial for your skin. Besides, it maintains ...
Home Remedies You Can Use To Deal With Cosmetic Allergies
A majority of us use a wide array of cosmetic products on a daily basis. The most commonly used cosmetics are lipsticks, foundation, skin cleanser, lotion, eyeshadow, etc. Using such products is essential for keeping the beauty game on point. However, ...
Home Remedies You Can Use To Deal With Cosmetic Allergies
Ways To Use Rose Water In Your Beauty Regimen
Have you ever wondered why our mothers and grandmothers are so much into rose water? If not for anything else, they would surely use rose water as a face toner or put a little in their water during bath? Well, here's ...
Different Floral Face Masks You Should Try At Home
If you are a skin care product addict, you might have surely observed that it contains a high amount of flower extract in it. Oil extracted from flowers to the flower seeds, skin care products with flower extract can help to ...
Different Floral Face Masks You Should Try At Home
DIY: How To Make Your Own Rose Water At Home
Rose water is one of the amazing ingredients that everyone loves to include in their daily skin care routine. It helps to soften your skin, adds a pinkish glow and also gives you a radiant-looking skin. According to history, it has ...
10 Wonderful Ways To Use Rose Water For Hair Care
Since time immemorial, women have been using rose water for various beauty purposes, both skin and hair care. It is a rich source of rejuvenating properties that can do wonders on your tresses. From repairing damaged hair to adding volume and ...
Ten Wonderful Ways To Use Rose Water For Hair Care
Rose Petal Hair Mask For Super Soft & Silky Hair!
From churning out the world's most irresistible perfume, removing tan to giving your pout that enviable fullness, we have been using rose in our beauty regimen, since time immemorial, but did you know the rose hair mask can also make your ...
Rose Petal Hair Mask For Super Soft And Silky Hair
Simple Home Remedy To Reduce Eye Strain
Do you feel that your eyes are not very healthy, lately? If yes, then they could be strained and there is an excellent home remedy that can help you! If you do not take care of strained eyes, your eye sight ...
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