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Rose Water

Get Instant Fair Skin With This 1 Herbal Mask!
Black spots, fine lines, dull skin and acne. At any given point, our skin is riddled with one or the other of these five most common skin issues. Rather than targeting only on fair skin, what you need is a mask ...
Get Instant Fair Skin With This One Herbal Mask
6 Hacks To Take Care Of The Skin Under Your Eyes!
Go to the mirror and check. Are there tell-tale fine lines spreading from the corner of your eyes? Are there permanent dark circles that never budge? Are baggy eyes an inevitable part of your day? Then, you need these hacks to ...
Six Hacks To Take Care Of The Skin Under Your Eyes
This Powerful Flower Remedy Can Treat Depression Effectively!
Lately, alternative remedies are becoming more and more popular, when it comes to treating ailments. Did you know that there is a powerful flower remedy that can treat depression? Depression has become quite a common mental ailment today because of certain ...
Flower Remedy To Treat Depression
Can Lemon Clear Body Acne?
As soon as those nasty, pus-filled acne bumps sprout, seemingly out of nowhere, we hunt for remedies. And one ingredient that invariantly comes to our mind is lemon. We've heard way too many times that lemon helps treat acne, ...
Quick & Effective Tips To Lighten Blemishes!
After hours of cleansing, toning and buffing, you can bring that coveted glow to your skin, but try as you may, it does not lighten those pesky marks peppered across your skin. What you need is something more potent, ...
Quick And Effective Tips To Lighten Blemishes
How To Refresh Dull & Dry Skin In Under 5 Minutes!
Between the rampant pollution, skin-drying air conditioner, not to mention, chemically formulated skin care products, are you really surprised your skin is frizzling out like a wilted flower? Your skin needs hydration, breathing space and intense rejuvenation, and what it needs ...
How To Refresh Dull And Dry Skin In Under Five Minutes
Oily Eyelids? 6 Things You Can Do!
Oily eyelids, a condition annoying during winter and downright a nightmare during humid days of the summer! However, there are home remedies for oily eyelids that can help you deal with the condition better. And eyelids being the most delicate and ...
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