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Sree Ganesha Ashtottara Namavali

By Lekhaka

Each month of the Hindu Solar-Lunar calendar, a Chaturthi arrives twice. Chaturthi is the fourth day after the full moon and the no moon days. This means that there is a Chaturthi that occurs every fortnight.

Every Chaturthi day is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the 'destroyer of obstacles' and the God of all pious and good things. Lord Ganesha blesses his devotees with good fortune, wealth, peace and happiness in life.

The pooja for Lord Ganesha is done during the afternoons. Devotees observe fasts and visit temples that are dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

On the Varada Vinayaka Chaturthi day, we bring to you the Sree Ganesha Ashtottara Namavali. It is a list of names that Lord Ganesha is popularly known and prayed as.

This list contains the mantras attached to the names as well. Reading the Sree Ganesha Ashtottara Namavali on the Chaturthi day will bring you immense prosperity and wisdom.

The Sree Ganesha Ashtottara Namavali

Om Gajananaya namaha 1

Om Ganadhyakshaya namaha 2

Om Vignarajaya namaha 3

Om Vinayakaya namaha 4

Om Dwimaturaya namaha 5

Om Dwimukhaya namaha 6

Om Pramukhaya namaha 7

Om Sumukhaya namaha 8

Om Krutine namaha 9

Om Supradeepaya namaha 10

Om Sukhanidhaye namaha 11

Om Suradhyakshaya namaha 12

Om Surarighnaya namaha 13

Om Mahaganapataye namaha 14

Om Manyaya namaha 15

Om Mahakalaya namaha 16

Om Mahabalaya namaha 17

Om Herambaya namaha 18

Om Lambajatharaya namaha 19

Om Haswagrivaya namaha 20

Om Mahodaraya namaha 21

Om Madotkataya namaha 22

Om Mahaviraya namaha 23

Om Mantrine namaha 24

Om Mangalaswarupaya namaha 25

Om Pramodaya namaha 26

Om Pradhamaya namaha 27

Om Pragnaya namaha 28

Om Vignagatriye namaha 29

Om Vignahantre namaha 30

Om Viswanetraya namaha 31

Om Viratpataye namaha 32

Om Sripataye namaha 33

Om Vakpataye namaha 34

Om Srungarine namaha 35

Om Ashritavatsalaya namaha 36

Om Shivapriyaya namaha 37

Om Sheeghrakarine namaha 38

Om Saswataya namaha 39

Om Balaya namaha 40

Om Balodhitaya namaha 41

Om Bhavatmajaya namaha 42

Om Puranapurushaya namaha 43

Om Pushne namaha 44

Om Pushkarochita namahaya 45

Om Agraganyaya namaha 46

Om Agrapujyaya namaha 47

Om Agragamine namaha 48

Om Mantrakrutaye namaha 49

Om Chamikaraprabhaya namaha 50

Om Sarvaya namaha 51

Om Sarvopasyaya namaha 52

Om Sarvakartre namaha 53

Om Sarvanetraya namaha 54

Om Sarvasiddhipradaya namaha 55

Om Sarvasiddaye namaha 56

Om Panchahastaya namaha 57

Om Parvatinadanaya namaha 58

Om Prabhave namaha 59

Om Kumaragurave namaha 60

Om Akshobhyaya namaha 61

Om Kunjarasurabhanjanaya namaha 62

Om Pramodaptanayanaya namaha 63

Om Modakapriya namaha 64

Om Kantimate namaha 65

Om Dhrutimate namaha 66

Om Kamine namaha 67

Om Kavidhapriyaya namaha 68

Om Brahmacharine namaha 69

Om Brahmarupine namaha 70

Om Brahmavidhyadhipaya namaha 71

Om Jishnave namaha 72

Om Vishnupriyaya namaha 73

Om Bhaktajivitaya namaha 74

Om Jitamanmadhaya namaha 75

Om Ishwaryakaranaya namaha 76

Om Jayase namaha 77

Om Yakshakinnerasevitaya namaha 78

Om Gangansutaya namaha 79

Om Ganadhisaya namaha 80

Om Gambhiraninadaya namaha 81

Om Vatave namaha 82

Om Abhishtavaradaya namaha 83

Om Jyotishe namaha 84

Om Bhktanidhaye namaha 85

Om Bhavagamyaya namaha 86

Om Mangalapradaya namaha 87

Om Avyaktaya namaha 88

Om Aprakrutaparakramaya namaha 89

Om Satyadharmine namaha 90

Om Sakhye namaha 91

Om Sarasambhunidhaye namaha 92

Om Mahesaya namaha 93

Om Divyangaya namaha 94

Om Manikinkinimekhalaya namaha 95

Om Samastadivataya namaha 96

Om Sahishnave namaha 97

Om Satatodditaya namaha 98

Om Vighatakarine namaha 99

Om Viswadrushe namaha 100

Om Viswarakshakrute namaha 101

Om Kalyanagurave namaha 102

Om Unmattaveshaya namaha 103

Om Avarajajite namaha 104

Om Samstajagadhadharaya namaha 105

Om Sarwaishwaryaya namaha 106

Om Akrantachidakchutprabhave namaha 107

Om Sri Vigneswaraya namaha 108

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Story first published: Friday, June 30, 2017, 17:39 [IST]
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