Things To Learn From Lord Shiva: 10 Life Lessons

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Lord Shiva is surely an inspiring Being in many ways. Shiva is both a yogi and a family man. He can be calm and can also flare up when it comes to destroying evil forces.

In fact, Lord Brahma is the Creator, Lord Vishnu is the Protector and Lord Shiva is the terminator. Shiva carries a Trishul (his weapon), a Dhamaruk (his musical instrument) and wears beads.

Shiva is an icon for strength, power, force, annihilation and enlightenment. He is also an icon for physical fitness, self control, meditation and resilience. On the top of that, he is an epitome of leadership qualities.

These are exactly the characteristics that any one of us would like to possess. That is why let us discuss about the things to learn from lord Shiva.


Materialistic Pleasures Are Temporary

Lord Shiva was never attached to wealth. He neither wore gold ornaments nor expensive clothes. He was least bothered about material possessions as he was an enlightened soul who found happiness elsewhere in the spiritual realm far away from the materialistic world.


Patience, Persistence And Calmness

Shiva is a yogi. He sat and meditated for hours together. Patience, clarity of thought and wisdom are a product of a calm mind which is a result of meditation.


Suppressing The Negative Energy

Shiva is someone who had to consume poison and hold it inside him in spite of the pain. In fact, his name 'neela-kantha' signifies this act. The lesson here is to gain control over the negative side that exists in you with grace and power. In fact, this is a big lesson in anger management too.


Respect Women And Treat Them Equally

Shiva treated his better half Parvathi as his equal. They lived like two souls in a single body. One of the names of lord Shiva is 'ardha- nareeshwara' and it signifies the concept that Shiva and shakthi are inseparable and eternal.


Superior Perception And Powerful Vision

The third eye of Shiva signifies vision that is beyond the ordinary. When you are able to look beyond what is evident you gain the power of superior perception.


Overpowering The Ego

A person who successfully controls his mind, intellect and ego is enlightened. The 'trishul' that Shiva holds signifies the same.


Attention, Focus And Concentration

The meditative poses of Shiva are a lesson in unwavering attention, focus and concentration. Such qualities can propel us forward and takes us places.


Nothing Is Permanent

Shiva smears ash on his forehead and body. Ash signifies death and rebirth. Nothing is permanent in this world; death and birth are inevitable. This simple realisation would free us from sorrows.


Dance Of Shiva

In fact, the best fitness activity would be the dance of Shiva. Being particular about fitness and health is the lesson here.


Keep Your Head Cool

The water or Ganga that flows from the head of Shiva can be a good indication that your head must be cool always even when all kinds of emotions heat it up.

What to learn from lord Shiva? Well, there is a lot more to learn and a lot more to get inspired. If you know of any such things, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Friday, December 4, 2015, 4:02 [IST]
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