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Benefits And Rules Of Chanting Maha Mrityunjay Mantra
Lord Shiva is quite popular in Hindu culture and is considered to be the one who can be pleased easily. The sacred Maha Mrityunjay Mantra is dedicated to him and devotees have utmost faith in this mantra. The mantra is said ...
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Benefits And Chanting Rules
9 Facts About Kumbhakarna That You May Not Know
What comes to your mind when you hear about Kumbhakarna? A mythological character that is known to sleep for as long hours. In fact, it would be needless to mention that almost all of us have been referred to as 'Kumbhakarna' ...
The Story Of Santoshi Mata
Santoshi Mata is one of the most popular forms of the Mother Goddess. She is worshipped by a huge number of Hindus, especially in the north of India. The name 'Santoshi' translates to Happiness and the Goddess Santoshi is often heralded ...
The Story Of Santhoshi Mata
Why Do We Offer Flowers To Gods?
Flowers are one of the most colourful things that nature has provided us with. Humans have always found a place for flowers in their day to day lives, art, songs, and muses. We, the people of India have a special connection ...
Legends Of Goddess Matangi
Goddess Matangi is one of the Dashamahavidyas or the 10 Goddesses of wisdom. It is believed that Goddess Matangi is related to the Tantra Vidya or the art of magic. She is also the Goddess of Vocal arts and music. She ...
Legends Of Goddess Matangi
Facts That You May Not Know About Lord Rama
You do not have to be a devout Hindu to know the name of Lord Rama. Anybody who is remotely acquainted with the Hindu religion and culture can tell you that Lord Rama is one of the most honored deities. Lord ...
Garbharakshambika Mantras To Chant
The word Garbharakshambika translates to the 'Mother who protects the unborn child'. In the state of Tamil Nadu, there is a place known as Papanashanam. Tirukavugaur is a small Taluk, where the Garbharakshambikai temple exists. Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva reside ...
The Origin Of Shiva Lingam
According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is also known as ‘Swayambhu', which means no one knows about the origin of Lord Shiva. He is the beginning; he is the end. He is the ultimate in this universe and on the ...
The Origin Of Shiva Linga
Stories About Lord Kubera: The Hindu God Of Money
Lord Kubera is one of the many Gods of the Hindu Pantheon who is still revered by many as the god of wealth and the treasurer of the gods. It is a very common misconception that Goddess Lakshmi is the deity ...
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