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9 Facts About Kumbhakarna That You May Not Know

What comes to your mind when you hear about Kumbhakarna? A mythological character that is known to sleep for as long hours. In fact, it would be needless to mention that almost all of us have been referred to as 'Kumbhakarna' by our parents for sleeping throughout the day. After all, Kumbhakarna was the one who used to sleep for six months at a stretch. He used to wake once and used to eat like anything. This probably made him an interesting character in the Ramayana, the holy book of the Hindus. However, there are many more facts about him that you may not know.

Therefore, we have brought some facts about Kumbakarna that you must know. Scroll down to read about him and who knows it may help you.

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1. He Had A Good Behaviour

Despite the fact that Kumbhakarna was a monster and had killed saints in order to boast his power, he had a good character. He used to care about his relatives and made sure not to hurt anyone. He was against the concept of creating unnecessary violence.

2. He Was Philosophical

Since Kumbhakarna was against the violence, he was able to have philosophical lessons from Narad Muni. While he was awake from his long sleep, the sleepy Rakshasa would spend his time in going through philosophical work.

3. He Impressed Lord Brahma With His Austerity

Legend has it that it was Vishravas, the father of Ravana who advised Ravana to attain a status equal to Lord Kuber. Thus, Ravana along with his younger brothers Kumbhakarna and Vibhishan decided to please Lord Brahma by going through a 'Tapasya' (meditation).

After being pleased by the austerity and devotion of the three brothers, Lord Brahma went on to give a boon to them. However, at this time, Goddess Saraswati tied the tongue of Kumbakarna and made him ask Nidraasan (the bed of sleep) instead of Indraasan (throne of Lord Indra).

4. He Wanted Annihilation Of Devtas (Gods)

Kumbhakarna had asked for two boons. From the first boon, he asked for Nidraasan instead of Indraasan. With the help of the second boon, he wanted to ask for Nirdevatam which means annihilation of Gods but ended up in asking for Nidravatam (sleep). This happened due to the trick played by Goddess Saraswati when she uses her powers to tie his tongue.

5. He Was Angry Upon Ravana For Abducting Sita

Though he was a demon and the younger brother of Ravana, he was not pleased with the idea of Ravan kidnapping Sita. He was quite angry upon his brother and asked him to let Sita go. He warned Ravana of the consequences as this is no less than violating the modesty of a woman.

6. He Asked Ravana To Seek Forgiveness From Lord Rama

According to the epic Ramayana, Kumbakarna advised demon king, Ravana to seek forgiveness from Lord Rama failing to which may lead to several mishappenings in Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana.

7. He Was Awakened To Help Ravan In The Battle Against Rama

Since Kumbhakarna used to sleep in deep sleep for 6 months, nobody would be able to wake him before that. But since the battle between Lord Rama and Ravana started while Kumbakarna was in deep sleep, Ravana ordered his men to awake Kumbhakarna. It is believed that animals were brought to walk on Kumbhakarna and the loud sound of Dhols helped in waking up the giant rakshas.

8. He Stood By Ravana Despite Knowing That Ravana Was Wrong

Due to his warrior ethics and for the sake of his duties towards his country and brother, Kumbhakarna chose to stand by the side of his brother. He knew that his brother has committed a sin which is not forgivable. Still, he chose not to leave his brother alone in the hard times. He fought valiantly and was killed by Lord Rama. Later he achieved salvation.

9. He Had A Son Bheema Who Oathed To Destroy Vishnu

Kumbhakarna had three sons, Kumbh, Nikumbh and Bheema. Kumbh and Nikumbh also fought in the war against Lord Rama and were killed. Whereas Bheema escaped to Sahayadri mountains with his mother. He then took an oath to destroy Lord Vishnu and started destruction with the help of power granted by Lord Brahma. He was killed by Lord Shiva and then Lord Shiva manifested himself at the place where Bheema was destroyed and killed. The place is now known as Bheemshankar Jyotirlinga. This is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.