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9 Facts About Kumbhakarna That You May Not Know
What comes to your mind when you hear about Kumbhakarna? A mythological character that is known to sleep for as long hours. In fact, it would be needless to mention that almost all of us have been referred to as 'Kumbhakarna' ...
Unknown Facts About Kumbhakarna

Shiv Tandav Stotra: All You Need To Know About It
Lord Shiva is a deity who can be pleased with minimal offering. While he is generally remembered for giving good health, removal of diseases, etc. by his devotees, a chant dedicated to him can even make you richer. Yes, there is ...
Shiv Tandav Stotra And Its Significance
Secrets To Success Given By Ravana
Though Ravana has been depicted as a negative character in the Ramayana, he was actually a highly respected Brahmin. He was a great scholar, a great ruler and an even greater maestro of the Veena. He was a learned Brahmin, a ...
The Advaitic Meaning In The Ramayana (Vali)
Success of Spirit the Vali episode The spiritual essence in man can kill and destroy Ravan, the ten headed monstrosity of extroversions. It can do it with the army of monkeys. An educated man reading this should ...
The Advaitic Meaning In The Ramayana (Dasamukha)
Dasamukha, Symbol OF Extroversion Dasamukha does not mean having five heads on the right and another five on the left, with one neck in between. If it were so, think of the traffic jam and think ...
Advaita Meaning Ramayana Ravana
Modern Way Of Killing Ravana On Dussehra
In a unique tradition of symbolically killing mythological ten-headed demon 'Ravana' on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, the denizens of the Malwa region in western Madhya Pradesh shoot him down instead of burning his effigy. ...
Tapas -(Austerity)-Part 3 - Rajasika
"Tapas done for the sake of gaining honour, respect and worship from others and with ostentation, which is unsteady and short lived is called <em>rajasika tapas</em>." (Gita, 17.18)<br/><br/> <em>Rajasika tapas</em> is austerity done with any motive which is tainted with intense ...
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