Here's Why Ravana Is Known As The Most Loving Villain In History

By Shibu

Ravana is well known as a demon from Sri Lanka who kidnapped Goddess Sita and was defeated by Lord Ram, who is also believed to be the seventh avatar or be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Ravana was defeated by Lord Ram in the battle fought at Lanka.

Dussehra is a festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil where Ravana plays the most important character in the Hindu mythology. Ravana is seen as a villain, but let me tell you there's lot more to know about him.

Usually, we signify Ravana as a bad or evil spirit, but legends have said that Ravana is the most loved villain in the history of Hindu mythology. Hindu gods are relatable and the good qualities in them are something we all need to learn, understand and grasp as well. Similarly, Ravana is not all black, he had many good qualities which makes him much more than simply a demon in history.

So, here is why Ravana is still referred to be the most loving villain in history.


1. Once Ravan Had Performed Yagna For Lord Ram

Hindu mythology and ancient facts justify that Ravana had once done yagna for Lord Ram. When Ram's army wanted to build a bridge to Lanka, they needed Lord Shiva's blessing for which they had to set up a yagna. As everyone is aware that Ravana is the biggest bhakt of Shiva in the entire universe and hence his name was qualified for the yagna. Displaying the honour, Ravana literally turned up and gave his blessing to lord Ram.


2. Ravana Imparted Knowledge To Lakshman

Every one of us is aware of the fact that Ravan is one of the most learned scholars of the era. Ram once asked his brother, Lakshman to sit beside the demon king, Ravana and learn some important lessons of diplomacy and starcrafts. Ravana, being a scholar was happy enough to share his knowledge with others no matter even if he was his enemy.


3. Interference With Planetary Alignment

During the birth of his son, Meghnad, Ravan instructed the planets to stay in the 11th house of the child. Denying the instruction of the demon king, Saturn or Shani refused to do and stood in the 12th house. This irked Ravana so much that he attacked Saturn or Shani Dev and even imprisoned him. Demon King, Ravana was so powerful that he had complete power on the planetary system as well.


4. He Got The Name Ravana From Lord Shiva

Ravana wanted lord Shiva to relocate from Kailash to Lanka and in order to make this possible, he tried to lift up the mountain. However, shiva put down his foot on the mountain which ultimately crushed Ravana's finger. Ravana enraged in pain and performed Shiva's tandav. It is believed that Ravana was in so much pain that he plucked out the nerves from his hands in order to provide accompanying music. Lord Shiva was impressed with him so much that he named him Ravana, the man who roars loudly.


5. He Is A Scholar Of Four Vedas

According to history and facts, it is clear that Ravana is no more a common person. Ravana acquired knowledge under his father Vishrava's tutelage. He later mastered the Vedas, the holy books. It is further believed that Ravana was a great scholar.


6. He Was A Good King

According to the acquired knowledge in Valmiki's Ramayana, it is believed that Ravana is a great ruler. Ravana was an efficient king and under his rule, Lanka was called the Sone Ki Lanka, which was the most prestigious period of Lanka in history. According to the facts, it is believed that Ravana was a caring ruler who looked after his subjects very well. Under his rule, Lanka was built by Vishwakarma, the best of all architects.


7. Ravana And His Brother Kumbhkaran Were Actually Avatars Of Vishnu’s Gatekeepers

Hindu mythology believes that Ravana and his brother, Kumbhkaran were actually avatars of Vishnu's gatekeepers. They were actually Jaya and Vijaya, which made them a bit arrogant. Ravana and Kumbhkaran were enraged so much that once when mind-born sons of Brahma showed up at the gate of Vishnu, they mistook them as naked children. This enraged the sages and they cursed them saying Jaya-Vijaya would be parted by Lord Vishnu. Thus, in one of the three lifetimes, Jaya and Vijaya were born as Ravana and Kumbhkaran.

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    Story first published: Friday, December 1, 2017, 19:11 [IST]
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