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How Did The Cowherd Answer The Kings Questions About God?

Significant questions bother even the staunch believers of God who worship him devotedly every day. The questions concerning the existence and nature of god Can just not be answered.
Once upon a time, there lived a king who was a devout worshipper of God who was desperate to know about three aspects of God.
1 What direction does he face?
2 Where is he?
3 What does he do?
The king, unable to answer these doubts, summoned his courtiers hoping to know that they could understand this subject. Pandits and wise men, pondered about it deeply but they could not come to a conclusion. He promised to share his kingdom with the one who knew the answer and decided to severely punish the person who failed to answer it perfectly. There was pindrop silence in the court due to fear. Finally a cowherd came forward asking him to test him and get a plausible answer. But he told the King, before he could even try to answer thus.
The one who answers should sit on the throne and the one listens should sit below the throne. King agreed and sat somewhere below the throne, and asked him the questions.

Which Direction Does God Look In?

The first question was " Which direction does God look?
The cowherd answered by asking him to bring a burning lamp which was placed exactly in the centre of the hall.. He asked the King to ask him which direction the lamp was facing. The king replied that the flame was directed at all directions. When a small flame can be seen from all points, whey cant God be seen everywhere?

Where Does He live?

The second question is about where God exists.? The cowherd asked him to bring milk in a vessel and asked him to show ghee in milk. If milk is boiled well, you derive butter. When you heat it further, you get ghee. The boy compared milk to heart, guru to fire, curd to mind, curdling stick to sadhana and finally the end product of butter he compared to Knowledge. If heated with the fire of Gurus teachings it attains God.

What Does He Do?

The third question about What does God do? Was answered deftly by the Cowherd. He said slowly that " I am a cowherd. You are the king, It was god who made you sit on the floor and me on the throne. God punishes those who do evil and rewards those who do good to others. He directs them to another lifetime which would teach them the required karmic lessons.
The entire assembly was overtaken by surprise and shock and congratulated the boy for his perfect replies. The king made him his personal adviser and this is how the Cowherd proved that god Exists for even him.

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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2023, 22:30 [IST]
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