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Legends Of Goddess Matangi

Goddess Matangi is one of the Dashamahavidyas or the 10 Goddesses of wisdom. It is believed that Goddess Matangi is related to the Tantra Vidya or the art of magic. She is also the Goddess of Vocal arts and music.

She is therefore called the "Tantric Saraswati". Among the lesser-known Goddesses, Goddesses Matangi has a huge base of devotees and followers.

Matangi Jayanti is observed in the month of Baisakh on the third day of Shukla Paksha. As per the Gregorian calendar, Matangi Jayanti falls on the 18th of April 2018. On this day, the devotees of Goddess Matangi worship her with poojas and other ritualistic ceremonies.

It is said that the person who worships Goddess Matangi with a true and devoted heart is blessed with all the worldly pleasures of life. Couples can worship Goddess Matangi to have a blissful and happy married life. The blessings of Goddess Matangi will bring peace into the life of her devotees.

Rituals Of Matangi Jayanti

• Clean the area that is to be used for the worship of Goddess Matangi.

• Place an image or idol of Goddess Matangi in the area of worship.

• Light incense, lamps and dhoop before the Goddess.

• Offer Garland of flowers, flowers and coconut to the Goddess.

• Homemade prasad can be offered to the Goddess next.

• This prasad is to be then distributed among friends and family.

Legends Of Goddess Matangi

• Goddess Matangi And Vishnu’s Avatars

The book Mundamala says that the 10 Mahavidyas are similar to the 10 avatars of Vishnu. Lord Buddha is the Avatar that is often equated with that of Goddess Matangi. In another interpretation, it is Lord Kalki that finds an equation with the Goddess.

• The Story Of The Creation Of The Mahavidyas

The scripture of Shakta Maha-Bhagavata Purana describes the origin of all the Mahavidyas. As the story goes, Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva and the daughter of King Daksha, is insulted that her father did not invite them to his Yagnya. She insists on going to the Yagnya nevertheless.

Lord Shiva tries to stop very hard. Sati becomes enraged and transforms herself into the Mahavidyas of which the ninth Mahavidya was Goddess Matangi. The Mahavidyas then surround Lord Shiva from 10 sides. Goddess Matangi was stationed in the Northwest direction. Another version of the story replaces Goddess Kali as the wife instead of Sati.

• Goddess Shakambhari And Goddess Matangi

As per Devi Bhagavata Purana, the Mahavidyas and Goddess Matangi were the many forms of the Goddess Shakambhari. They accompanied Goddess Shakambhari into the war and were her companions.

• Ucchishta Matangini

Once, Lord Maha Vishnu and his spouse Goddess Lakshmi visited Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. While having the feast served to the Gods, they dropped some of it on the ground. From this food, a beautiful woman arose. She then asked the deities to give her some of their food. As they were nearly done, the four deities gave the woman their leftovers.

As it was first consumed by the deities, the leftovers had become sacred and powerful. The leftovers are also called Ucchishta, which is often used negatively but in this case, it is considered holy and is used to mean prasad. Lord Shiva then said that whoever repeats this woman’s name shall have all their material needs fulfilled. He also called her the provider of boons. This woman was then named as Ucchishta Matangini.

• The Result Of Goddess Parvati’s Test.

Once, Goddess Parvati wanted to go to her parent’s house for a few days. Shiva gave her the permission to visit her father, Himavan’s house, on the condition that if she does not come back soon enough, he would go to fetch her. Goddess Parvati agreed and went to her father’s palace.

She spent many happy days with her family and kin. But Lord Shiva became very lovesick. He disguised himself as a seller of jewellery who sold shell bangles. He approached Goddess Parvati with the intent of testing her fidelity.

He sold her the bangles and asked her for sexual favors as a payment. Goddess Parvati was very angry and was about to curse the uncouth hawker when she realized with her powers that the man before her was none other than her husband.

She said that she would grant the favors he asked for; but only when the right time came. Lord Shiva then returned to his home. Goddess Parvati then decided to test Lord Shiva in return. She disguised herself as a chandalini who is very beautiful. She wore red clothes and was very lean with large bosoms.

She told Lord Shiva that she had come to perform penance. Lord Shiva too realized that it was his wife. He said that he was the one that gave the fruits to all his devotees and hence made love to Goddess Parvati in the form of a Chandala.

Later, Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva that her chandalini form be worshipped as Ucchishta Chandalini and that when she is worshipped in this form, she be worshipped before Lord Shiva himself. Lord Shiva agreed to the same.

Ucchishta Chandalini is often identified with Goddess Parvati.

• Raja Matangi

It is said that Matanga performed Tapas for thousands of years. He thus gained the power to rule and control all living things. At the end of the thousand years, Goddess Tripura Sundari appeared.

The rays from her eyes led to the birth of Goddess Kali. Goddess Kali had a green coloured skin and hence, is known as Goddess Matangi. With her blessings, Matanga was satisfied with the material blessings that he received. The Goddess is known as Matangi, as it was sage Matanga that toiled to bring the Goddess on the earth.

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