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Shiv Chalisa Lyrics In Hindi And English
Lord Shiva is considered to be the supreme God in Hindu culture. As per the Hindu mythology, He is among the Trinity, namely, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Devotees believe that one can easily please Lord Shiva as He blesses those who ...
Benefits And Rules Of Chanting Maha Mrityunjay Mantra
Lord Shiva is quite popular in Hindu culture and is considered to be the one who can be pleased easily. The sacred Maha Mrityunjay Mantra is dedicated to him and devotees have utmost faith in this mantra. The mantra is said ...
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Benefits And Chanting Rules
Sawan Somvar Vrat 2019: Dates, Significance And Benefits
The fifth month of the Hindu calendar, Shravan or Sawan is all about the celebration of faith and devotion. This holy month is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the greatest God. Devotees of Shiva spend the entire Sawan month by worshipping, fasting, ...
Sawan Somvar Dates Significance And Benefits
Shravana Shivaratri: All You Need To Know
Shravana, the most celebrated festival of the Hindus, is primarily dedicated to Lord Shiva and the festival of Shivaratri makes the month more sacred. Shravana Shivaratri is being celebrated on August 9, 2018. The timings for the Shivaratri puja would be ...
Shravana Shivaratri Date Time Remedies Importance
Grah Shanti Through Shiva Puja In Shravana Month
Shiva is worshipped in various ways in the month of Shravana; devotees observe fasts, visit temples and go on pilgrimages to please Lord Shiva. As Lord Vishnu sleeps during this month, Lord Shiva takes up the responsibility of looking after all ...
Which Flowers Should We Offer To Shiva?
Shravana month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devotees worship him with all the dedication and seek the fulfilment of their desires. From observing fasts to visiting the temples, devotees try all they can to please the deity. Most of us have ...
Offer These Flowers To Shiva To Fulfil Your Wishes
Reasons Why Shravana Is The Favourite Month Of Shiva
Among the holy trinity, Lord Vishnu is the nurturer of the universe and Lord Shiva is the destroyer, and as we know that it was Lord Brahma who created the universe. For all these deities, there are specific days when they ...
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