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Here’s Why Lord Shiva Has Three Eyes And The Significance Of The Third Eye

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva holds a significant place. He is believed to be the supreme God who controls time, universe and life on earth. He is the one who destroys all the evils and materialistic desires. He is the lord of destruction and recreation. He keeps our mind calm and positive.

Talking about the appearance of Lord Shiva, He is seen as a mystic man having three eyes, matted hair, dark-complexioned body and a serpent around His neck. He wears tiger skin, holds a trident with a damru tied around it. Though this look of Lord Shiva is fearsome, it provides strength and blessings to the devotees of Lord Shiva. Unlike any Hindu deities, Lord Shiva has three eyes which have their own significance. Due to this, Lord Shiva is also known as Trinetra.

People often wonder why Lord Shiva has three eyes, though the third eye when opened denotes destruction. However, the third eye is associated with some religious and spiritual significance as well. Today we are here to tell you why Lord Shiva has three eyes and the significance of it.

Why Lord Shiva Has Third Eye

It is said that among all Gods, only Lord Shiva stands between the physical and immortal world. He is the one who controls both death and time. He is beyond the physical world. The divine and immortal world comprises Him. Also, He is the one who is able to see things beyond physical existence. He not only sees those things but also destroys the negative and materialistic desires for the sake of well-being and good.

The two sensory eyes that Lord Shiva has represents activity in the physical world. He uses His sensory eyes to control the happenings in the physical world. On the other hand, he uses the third eye to see beyond the physical world.

Significance Of The Third Eye

  • The third eye of Lord Shiva is feared by all Gods, demons and humans.
  • Though the third eye remains closed most of the time, the moment it opens, destruction takes place.
  • This is because the third eye of Lord Shiva is said to be the mystic eye that sees beyond the physical world. It sees and observes things that aren't physical.
  • These things are lust, anger, greed, evil, negativity, hunger and grief. He then destroys these materialistic emotions for the good and well-being.
  • It is said that when Sati committed self-immolation after Her father Prajapati Daksh humiliated Lord Shiva and Sati at the divine Yagya organised at his place, Lord Shiva opened His third eye. The moment Lord Shiva opened His third eye, the people who participated in the Yagya were reduced to ashes.
  • The third eye represents the Karmic memory of Lord Shiva and He punishes or rewards one as per his/her Karma.