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How To Conceive Twins
Many couples dream of having twins. But statistics say that the probability of having twins is only 1%. Of course, there are certain ways to increase the chances. Remember the fact that most of the methods that people follow to increase ...
How To Conceive Twins

These Miracle Triplets Will Melt Your Heart
Giving birth to a baby is not a regular thing. The woman has to go through many ups and downs in her pregnancy period. One needs to understand that giving birth to a normal kid is quite a task and if ...
Twins Live Longer Than Singletons
Having a twin brother or sister increases your chances of living a life longer than singletons, new research has found.Twins have lower mortality rates for both sexes throughout their lifetimes, the findings showed.The researchers believe their results reflect the benefits of ...
Twins Live Longer Than Singletons
Reasons Why Identical Twins Facinates Us
Giving birth to a child is a great experience for every parent. Be it a first time pregnancy or repeated one, parents are full of fancies about the new comer to their family. They have their plans and prejudices.However, medical science ...
Celebrities Who Have Twin Kids
Having twins has suddenly become a phenomenon in Hollywood. A large number of celebrities have twin kids now. Twins were once a freak of nature that gave an expectant couple double delight. However, fertility treatments these days have made twins extremely ...
Celebrities Who Have Twin Kids
Bond Between Twins
The special bond between twins is all about feeling each others pain, joy, sorrow and laughter regardless of the fact that how different one is from the other. Be it identical twins or fraternal they all share a special bond between ...
Twin Pregnancy Prenatal Care
Pregnancy in itself needs great care and when you get to know that you are blessed with twins, the responsibility gets even more hard. Twin pregnancy requires you to be extra cautious as it increases the chances of baby's premature birth. ...
Twin Pregnancy Prenatal Care
Trying To Conceive Twins?
It is not everyday that you find a couple who are trying to conceive two babies at once! But the number of people who wish to conceive twins is rising rapidly. This is the age of working mothers. So if a ...
Famous Celebrities Who Have Twins!
It not everyday that you find a celebrity with twins. It is a rare and special case for any couple to conceive and deliver twin babies but when the couple is a celebrity couple the odds even higher. However, in recent ...
Celebrity Twins Babies
Robert Pattinson's Twin Is On The Road!
The most talked about lady's man is all set to get himself a twin. If you are wondering who it is, its of course Robert Pattinson.The Twilight actor seems to be all upset by his huge list of troubled female fans ...
Celine Dion Talks About Her Twins
Celine Dion who gave birth to twins on Saturday confessed that looking after her twins will be overwhelming. Along with the twins she has few excited set of people around her like husband, Rene Angelil who is giving her constant advices ...
Celine Dion About Twins
Celine Dion Gave Birth To Twins
Celine Dion has given birth to healthy twins on Saturday. The twins took pre mature birth in Florida hospital. Celine Dion, Rene Angelil and their son Rene Charles were delighted at the sight of the twins. Sources reveal that Rene Charles ...
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