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Adorable Video Of Twins Fighting In Womb!

Being pregnant is a great feeling, and being pregnant with twins is even more a greater feeling along with a big responsibility. Imagine a day you walk into the clinic for a regular checkup and all that you see is that your unborn twins are having a cute little fight in the womb!

This is something very rare that was captured on camera! A doctor was using a new technology as part of a London medical study where she examined a pregnant woman and scanned to find out that the twins were actually having a cute little fight inside the womb.

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The identification of the woman or the sex of the babies has not been revealed.

The new technology that the doctor had used in this case is called cine-MRI scan; and this is done to study twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

This "twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome" occurs when the twins share a placenta that contains abnormal blood vessels. This is something that can cause one of the twins to get less nutrients than the other.

Okay, let's not get into too much of technical details here and instead enjoy this adorable video of the twins fighting inside the womb.

In this you can see the little smaller sized twin kick the bigger twin, and it looks like he/she needs his/her own space. The elder one does not retaliate initially, but gives it back soon.

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Guess all this happens when the twins share the same placenta. Most of the mothers who have seen the video can relate to their children fighting to get the best spot on the couch or get the best seat.

So, check out this adorable video to relate it with your experiences :) :)

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