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What Does Dreaming About Snakes Mean?

By Ajanta Sen

Have you seen a snake in your dream lately? Are you scared of this snake dream and guessing what might be the interpretation of this strange dream?

Snakes are very difficult signs because they can contain positive as well as negative meanings. In order to know the meaning of a snake in your dream, it is extremely important to think about your personal experiences with these slithering creatures and how they are regarded in your society.

For example, there are many people who keep snakes in their houses as pets, so they may not be frightened by a snake dream as compared to those who don't have it as a pet.

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Moreover, in many civilizations, a snake is considered to be a very strong symbol. Therefore, the interpretation of a snake dream also depends on what cultural background you belong to.

The following are the most common meanings that can be linked with dreaming about snakes, take a look:

Snake Means Healing

Seeing snakes in your dream can signify healing. It means that you are in the course of healing. Moreover, the symbol "caduceus" in the medical profession also highlights 2 snakes. Thus, snakes are a sign of recovery from some disease and in also solving various issues.

Snake Means Subconscious

A slithering creature like a snake can be a sign of your subconscious mind. If you see a snake swimming in water, it may denote that you might be suppressing your emotions. A snake within a box means that you are rejecting to accept a part of your unconscious mind. The snake in your dreams may be having some hidden message for you or it may also be a warning signal for you.

Snake Denotes An Uncaring Person

A snake in your dream can also signify a person who stays with you and is very evil, merciless and heartless. In this type of a situation, you may also dream about a snake biting or eating you. At times, you may also dream of a snake transforming into a human appearance. This means that the person whom you think is evil should not be trusted.

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Snake Signifies Hidden Dangers

Since the snake slithers in bushes and sometimes you cannot see it, it also denotes a hidden danger or disloyalty. If the snake is biting you in your dream, then most probably, it is trying to warn you that some danger is about to come in your life. A baby snake means that you are taking the upcoming threat very lightly. If you see a dream in which you are killing a snake or you see a dead snake, it denotes that this danger has already passed or you have conquered it.

Snake Means Creativeness

A snake in your dream can also mean that you are creative and highly talented and have a good capability of achieving good things in this field, which is a very positive interpretation.

Snake Denotes Transformation

Since snakes have the ability to get rid of their skin, they signify transformation. If you wake up with a snake dream which makes you feel positive, then this dream means a development, a self-rejuvenation, wisdom, knowledge and a positive change in your personality. This change means either you are looking for some particular things to change, or it may also mean that some new changes are going to take place in your present life.

A red snake in your dream signifies positive traits of the snake and it also signifies your sizzling passion. Fighting with a snake in your dream means you are combating a change. You totally love the things and accept the way they are even if you are not content with it.

Snake Means Fright

For a majority of people, a snake dream can evoke terror. Snakes are quite fickle and may attack anytime without a word of warning. Therefore, if you dream about a snake, it can signify that there is something in your life which is very erratic and you cannot control it. Thus, you may be very scared of the unknown event, person or thing.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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