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A Man Accidentally Adopted A Wolf!

We all love dogs, and having them as our pets completes our family. But what if you suddenly realise that the little pup you had adopted is not a dog but a wolf instead? Well, this did happen to an unidentified man from Arizona.

This young man had seen a board outside a house that said "Free Puppy"; and he immediately was intrigued. He had no second thoughts before he adopted the pup, as he felt the puppy was too charming to let go of.

He adopted the little pup and named it "Neo". However, the young man bargained for more than what he had opted for, as the pup needed constant attention, but only from his owner, and it was also very difficult to toilet train this little brat.

Since the time he was brought in, the pup would shy away from the neighbours and other humans who tried to approach him. Though he avoided humans, he was very friendly with dogs. His owner described how he would dig the fence or jump over it to play with the neighbouring dogs.

Neo was a "high content" wolf dog, which meant that most of his genetic makeup was that of a wolf. He had all the characteristics of a wolf. Be it the fur or the long body, and even the slanted amber eyes, it all made him appear like a wolf.

Neo refused any doggie treats that dogs would usually love. He often broke into the backyard of his neighbours because of which none were happy with him and they apparently approached "Human Society of Southern Arizona".

The CEO of the "Human Society of Southern Arizona" noticed the peculiar behaviour of Neo, as he was not friendly like how the dogs are supposed to be, and hence noticed his traits that confirmed him to be an actual wolf and not a dog!

According to the Arizona law, one cannot have a wolf as a pet, unless you are a Native American or possess a special permit, as ownership of a wolf dog is illegal. Hence, the poor owner had to send Neo to a wolf sanctuary in California.

Finally, Neo was adopted and he was accepted by other wolves in the sanctuary; and meanwhile, a case has been filed against the people who tried to illegally sell the wolf pup!

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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