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Reasons Why Identical Twins Facinates Us

By Ajanta Sen

Giving birth to a child is a great experience for every parent. Be it a first time pregnancy or repeated one, parents are full of fancies about the new comer to their family. They have their plans and prejudices.

However, medical science gives predictions about everything including the number of fetus in the mother’s womb. There is no doubt that the to-be parents are surprised when they come to know that they are going to be parents of two kids in one go.

Caring For Twin Babies: Parenting Tips

Twins are a natural phenomenon and no medical wonder. They may be both of the same sex or you may be lucky to have one of each. That really does not matter, as parenting for twins is same irrespective of their sex.

However, people often find some special characteristics in these twins. There are many reasons why you are facinated by twins. Some of these reasons are related to their looks and appearance and some are related to their habits and practices. Following are some of the reasons why identical twins facinates you:

You Do Not See Twins Everyday:

This is one of the most important reasons you are fascinated by twins. You may or may not have twins living around you, but you do not see them every day. That makes you feel surprised, especiallyif they are identical in their appearance.

You See Two people Looking Identical:

The facinating thing about twins is that in most of the occasions, twins look similar. Sometimes the degree of similarity is so absolute that it becomes difficult for you to distinguish between them.

Interesting Facts About Babies

In the most astonishing situation, you often call one of them by the name of another one. This may sound like fun, but the twins often find it embarrassing.

Their Behavior Attracts You:

It is often said that the behavior of the twins is often similar. This becomes even more distinctive when they are very young. They develop similar habits of feeding or sleeping. It is hard for the mother. More so, if she breast feeds. However, mothers do not ignore one child at the cost of another one.

It Is Easier To Identify Twin Brothers And Sisters:

Though it is difficult in the younger ages, you may find it easier to identify twins, in case they are of opposite sex. As far as the habits are concerned, they may be similar even when they grow up.

Close Companionship Between the Twins:

Since the relationship of the twins grows right from the first day of their birth, they are often closest to each other. They like to share all their sentiments and feelings with their twin. This is one of the reasons you are fascinated by the twins.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 2, 2015, 23:34 [IST]
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