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Bond Between Twins

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The special bond between twins is all about feeling each others pain, joy, sorrow and laughter regardless of the fact that how different one is from the other. Be it identical twins or fraternal they all share a special bond between them. The bond between twins is fascinating. And the most fun part is when people cannot distinguish between the two. Sometimes the twins dress up alike and it becomes difficult to distinguish between them until they are of opposite genders.

Best Of Friends- The love between twins is simply unspeakable. You get someone to share all your joys and sorrows. A person always needs a friend within a family with whom they can share all their joys and sorrows. And what better if you have someone of your own age to do that. Most of the times they go to the same school and have the same set of friends. If there is a lot of age difference between the siblings they cannot usually be so friendly with each other. But if your sibling is also your twin then you two will be exactly the same age.

Twin Bond

Sharing Things- If both the twins are of the same gender then they get ample opportunity to share all their belongings. Especially in the case of girls. They share all their dresses which gives them a wide plethora of choices. As kids they share toys and play with each other. Most importantly they share the same feelings, be it joy or sorrow. If one falls sick then the other one feels for him/her. They consider themselves as two different parts of the same whole.

Fights- But there is another side to the same issue over here. Twins either bond very well or they do not bond at all. Most importantly being of the same age, they do not like to share their parents love and attention with each other. The bond between twins here becomes rather strained.

Also, as both are of the same age, people often have a tendency to compare them with each other. This they hate because they both are different individuals. Then it becomes quite obvious that both would be different. Both are sure to have different talents and inclinations. Love turns to sibling rivalry here.

Care And Support- The care and support that you receive from your twin, you get no where else. The bond between twins is something to cherish for the whole life. Twins understand each others instincts and desire much better than any one else can do.

If you have twins in your home then you can very well understand the love between twins. And if, not observe someone else to experience the bond between twins.

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