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How To Conceive Twins


Many couples dream of having twins. But statistics say that the probability of having twins is only 1%. Of course, there are certain ways to increase the chances.

Remember the fact that most of the methods that people follow to increase the chances of conceiving twins are not actually backed by research and there isn't any evidence that such methods really work.

But still, if you wish to know about them, read on. But firstly, discuss with your doctor and express your desire to conceive twins. Also, consult your gynecologist before you follow the tips given here.


Tip #1

Some sources claim that proper intake of fertility supplements like folic acid may increase the chances of multiple fertilization as it could make the ovaries release two eggs. But again ask your doctor about this.


Tip #2

Some reports also claim that women who are closer to menopause may have higher chances of conceiving twins as their ovaries may release two eggs in a cycle. But of course it isn't advisable to wait till that age to conceive as there could be other risks.


Tip #3

Some say that quitting the usage of birth control pills abruptly and going for implantation can increase the probability.


Tip #4

Foods like dairy, cassava and maca root are said to increase the chances of having twins though there isn't any guarantee.


Tip #5

If you already have a baby, it is important to breastfeed as the chances of conceiving twins in your next pregnancy could slightly increase if you breast feed according to some sources.


Tip #6

In-vitro fertilization could increase the chances of having twins. Though there isn't any solid proof for this, it is better to ask your doctor.


Tip #7

Ask your doctor about multiple egg implantation. It may work for some couples who wish to have twins.

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