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A Married Couple Realised They Are Twins!!

Life is so perfect when we find the right partner in our lives. Everything seems magical and when it comes to conceiving, it's not a piece of cake for all.

Men and women these days are advised to get their health tests done to rule out possibilities of faulty gene or disorders in the newborn. Also, to deal with problems regarding conceiving, experts advice us to go in for regular check-ups.

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Here is a story of a couple who had been struggling for quite some time to conceive. Everything was perfect for them, but nothing seemed to be in favour when they tried to conceive.

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Check out on what happened to the married couple when they discovered that they were in reality lost twins!


They Had Met In College…

Apparently, the couple had met in college and instantly had felt connected when they realised that they had a similar past, as they were adopted and shared a same birthday!


The Friends Also Joked About Their Similarity…

The couple's friends always joked about the similarity the couple had, as their looks also matched when compared to their birthdays as well. But the couple denied about it, as they knew that they are definitely not related.


Everything Was Perfect!

The couple got married and everything was perfect until they had issues while conceiving. They visited an IVF clinic in the hope that it would help them have their own child.


They Had Been To An IVF Clinic…

After trying to conceive in a natural way, the couple decided to try the IVF method when they got a rude reality check from the doctors.


The Doctors Were Confused Initially…

The DNA of the couple was the same and there was no doubt that the couple was indeed biological twins who had been separated and had no idea about the link that they shared.


The Couple Was Revealed The Fact…

When the couple arrived for the consultation, the doctors revealed to them about the actual truth of them being twins and the man was in splits, while the woman kept pleading it to be false.

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