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Meet The World's Only Deafblind Identical Triplets

Babies are a gift of God and if you are lucky enough, being blessed with twins or triplets is quite a gift and also a challenge in most cases, as you need to be vigilant and alert all the time.

This is the story of a woman named Liz Hooker who was blessed with identical triplets, but she had a challenge, as her kids were both hearing and visually challenged. And apparently, they are the only pair of identical triplets who are deafblind at the same time!

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Liz who already had a daughter realised that she is pregnant just after she got divorced and the shocking part was that she was pregnant with identical triplets. Find out more about the struggle she has been facing in raising these special kids.


She Had Complications In Her Pregnancy…

She had complications during her pregnancy and the triplets had to be delivered prematurely in just 24 weeks! It's a miracle that the triplets have survived such a early birth and they weighed less than four pounds each.


The Kids Were Born With Sight And Hearing!

Apparently, the girls lost their eyesight due to complications related to their prematurity and they also developed ototoxicity from the antibiotics they were given in the hospital to prevent an infection.


After 2 Years They Even Turned Deaf!

Though the little girls struggled to fight for their lives, when they turned blind, they also lost their ability to hear when they were given a cocktail of antibiotics to treat their sepsis in the neonatal intensive care unit.


Amidst All This, Liz Found A Soulmate!

Amidst all the chaos of raising these special angels, Liz was able to reconnect with George Hooker who was her college sweetheart and the couple decided to marry and take up the responsibility of the kids together!

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They Received Cochlear Implants

The triplets are able to do so much, as they received their cochlear implants that help them with their hearing. They got this when they were just 2 years old.


Things Are Changing For The Better…

With the help of the hearing aid, the kids have been able to do some of the things on their own like grabbing any food for themselves when they are hungry. Also, they are trying to communicate to others in their own little language. Isn't that just wonderful!

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