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Health Effects Of Wearing G Strings
G-strings aren't good for health. They might look stylish and make you look good but there some medical reasons to avoid wearing them. One reason why many prefer G strings is because it eliminates the problem of 'panty lines'. But there ...
Are G Streings Bad For You

Reasons Your Feet Smell And How To Get Rid Of It
The human foot has two hundred and fifty perspiration glands and secretes about five hundred millilitres of perspiration every day. In actual sense, this perspiration is the primary reason for foot odour. In this article we shall talk about the reasons ...
7 Things Your Sweat Says About Your Health!
Do you feel that you have been sweating more than usual, lately, even without engaging in any strenuous activities? If yes, then there may be a few causes for your sweating that could be dangerous! Yes, our body gives us warning ...
Causes Sweating Causes Excess Sweating
10 Quick Tips To Reduce Night Sweats
There is another name for night sweats- sleep hyper-hydrosis. It is nothing but sweating too much when you are asleep. Also Read: Reasons Why You Are Tired During Workouts Generally, this could occur in women who have reached menopause phase. ...
Try This Tattoo And Get The Blood Alcohol Level Tested!
Researchers have developed a flexible wearable sensor consisting of a temporary tattoo which sticks to the skin and can accurately measure a person's blood alcohol level from sweat.The device can be worn on the skin and could be used by doctors ...
Try This Tatoo And Get The Blood Alcohol Level Tested
7 Home Remedies To Reduce Excessive Sweating
Imagine you are out with your friends at a party all decked up with perfect makeup and a flattering outfit, but you are constantly worried about one thing - SWEATING! While it is not so uncommon to experience a normal range ...
8 Things That Happen When You Don't Sweat
Most often than not, sweat is viewed as a nuisance because of the stains and unpleasant odour that it causes. However, believe it or not, it is quite beneficial for our bodies. So, next time when you are sweating it out ...
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