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Health Effects Of Wearing G Strings

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G-strings aren't good for health. They might look stylish and make you look good but there some medical reasons to avoid wearing them.

One reason why many prefer G strings is because it eliminates the problem of 'panty lines'. But there are other issues thongs could create.

If you have a physically active life, it is better to totally avoid thongs. If you still wish to wear them, avoid them during extreme weather conditions. Choose only cotton thongs. Avoid the ones that are too tight. Don't wear them throughout the day.

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Problem #1

The bacteria present in the colon gets collected on the strings. Some types of bacteria cause urinary tract infections. Avoid black thongs.


Problem #2

In some women, friction on the skin could also result in skin tags. G strings could increase the risk of skin tags in people whose skin is sensitive to friction.


Problem #3

During the cycle, the pH levels in the private parts may dip and this could make the lady parts vulnerable to certain types of infections. At that time, wearing thongs is not at all advisable.


Problem #4

Thongs could also trigger other issues as the string could rub against anus and that friction could cause several skin issues. If you have hemorrhoids, thongs will worsen the situation.


Problem #5

It could also disturb blood circulation to the privates. If you are going to the gym, never wear thongs as they restrict free movement and cause discomfort.


Problem #6

Pregnant women must totally stay away from G strings as the risk of suffering vaginal infections is higher during that time.


Problem #7

As the string of the thong touches the anal area, it could emit foul smell.

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 9:55 [IST]
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