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Quick Solutions To 10 Of Your Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems!
From "buttne" and "backne" to flaky dandruff and nasty pimples, bid adieu to those cringe-worthy beauty troubles with these quick solutions for embarrassing beauty problems! Pimples dry off, flaky dandruff can be cleared and stretch marks when carried with grace can ...
Quick Solutions To 10 Of Your Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems
7 Kitchen Ingredients To Clear Your Pimples In 5 Minutes
Pimples are those uninvited guests that show up, unannounced, and do not LEAVE easy. And when we force this guest out, with harsh means at our disposal, it leaves angry trail behind. The result, marks etched deep into the layers of ...
Reason Why Your Butt Itches
It is normal to suffer from an itch here and there, on different parts of the body, as long as these do not turn into severe infections that cause itchiness. But have you ever felt itchiness in your butt? Read on ...
Reasons Why Your Butt Itches
Learn How Mouthwash Can Erase That Pimple Overnight!
Your hair is done to perfection, your makeup spells the diva that you are, and your skin is flawless and glossy, just the way you like it, except wait, what? - An angry red puss-filled pimple has popped up, out of ...
Surprising Uses Of Garlic In Skin Care
Garlic is probably the last thing you would want to include in your beauty routine, but it is the first thing you should. Ever wondered, why in bygone days garlic was rubbed on the body, placed beside a corpse in a ...
Surprising Uses Of Garlic In Skin Care
How Retinol Can Improve Your Skin Tone
From anti-aging creams and under eye creams to primers and moisturisers, probably all kinds of cosmetic products are sitting on your counter right now. They are waiting to be applied, ready to turn your skin into perfection. But, how many of ...
How Does Lemon Work On Your Face?
You use lots of skin care products to keep your skin beautiful. To remove dead skin cells and dust, you use scrub. For washing your face regularly, you use branded face washes. You also use a toner, moisturiser and lots of ...
How Does Lemon Work On Your Face
7 Reasons Why You Should Never Pop A Pimple
You woke up in a good mood feeling determined to take on the world. You look in the mirror and...dang! There it is, a mammoth-sized zit on your face. And suddenly, your entire world revolves around that annoying pimple. Within seconds ...
Reasons To Wash Face With Lemon Tea
Taking care of the health is a primary responsibility of every human being. People always take every possible effort to keep their body fit and healthy. Though a healthy body works internally and keeps all the other portions of the body ...
Reasons To Wash Face With Lemon Tea
DIY Egg White, Honey & Lemon Juice Mask For Acne
A - C - N - E, when put together these alphabets, they form a word that is annoying and stressful to everyone. While growing up, we have often been told that pimples last only through our teen years. If you ...
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