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Insanely Simple 2-Ingredient Lip Scrub For Soft And Pink Lips
Who wouldn't want to have super-soft and supple lips that can enhance the beauty of their face? But over-dependence on store-bought cosmetics, unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, etc, has made it nearly impossible to have soft and pink lips. So, if ...
Insanely Simple 2 Ingredient Lip Scrub For Soft And Pink Lips

Hot Makeup Tips For Thin Lips
No woman fancies a pair of thin lips. It would be the most disturbing thing for her. If you are blessed with fine thin lips, it is time you do something about it, and no, we don't mean to recommend you ...
Hot Ways To Keep Your Lips Kissable
Ladies, have you ever been in a situation where your lips weren't ready to be kissed? I guess we all have, right? Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the perfect ways to help get your lips ready for a kiss. ...
Hot Ways To Keep Your Lips Kissable
Causes Of Dry Lips During Summer
Dry skin looks unhealthy and dull. When you have dry lips, it is even worse. Sometimes, dry lips may even bleed when they are handled in a rough way. Honey Lip Balm Benefits All of us do suffer dry ...
11 Tips For Healthy And Plump Lips
Lips compliment your beauty. They are a great asset of your beauty. Having healthy crack free and pink lips is a boon. However due to pollutants in environment, harsh sun rays and our unhealthy diet can take a toll on lips. ...
Eleven Tips Healthy And Plump Lips
8 Times Aishwarya Rai Pulled Off Red Lipstick Perfectly!
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been the brand ambassador of L'Oreal Paris for many years. She has been campaigning for the cosmetic brand's different beauty products. However, Ash seems to have developed a fetish for red lipsticks. Of late, the Former ...
Tips To Choose The Right Lipstick For Dark Lips
Getting the right kind of lipstick is very important. This should be in line with the clothes that you are wearing. It should also match the occasion. The way you look will matter greatly. There are many reasons to have dark ...
Choosing The Right Lipstick For Dark Lips
BEWARE: Harmful Effects Of Lipsticks
Every woman will have her favourite lipstick shade in her cosmetic box. There is no doubt that it is important to highlight a woman’s lips. After all, they are referred to as the ‘rosy lips’. But, there are many disadvantages of ...
Essential Tips To Pull Off Dark Lipstick
Beauty is inherent in every face. When paired up with grace it brings about a striking combination that cannot be missed by any eye. Appropriate make-up goes a step further and completes the picture. I use the word appropriate here because ...
Essential Tips To Pull Off Dark Lipstick
Ways To Use Lemon Juice To Make Lips Lighter
Lips can make you look sensuous and beautiful, especially if they are fuller and pink. For a woman, lips need to look pink or blood red as it makes them look better. But because of smoking and bad lifestyle habits, most ...
Reasons Why You Have Dry Lips
Lips are the most sensuous part of your body. They speak volumes, kiss your tears away literally and convert your smile to a million dollar one. Yes, your lips are beautiful, pretty and adorable. But, what are your lips like? Have ...
Why You Have Dry Lips
8 Ways To Treat Extremely Dry Lips
Everybody wants to be the centre of the crowd. We are ready to do everything to keep ourself stylish and trendy. No matter whatever you do, cracked lips are more than enough to spoil all your efforts. Beautiful rosy lips ...
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