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How To Choose A Perfect Lipstick According To Your Skin Tone

By Rima Chowdhury

Purple, tangerine, orange, red, brown and many more colours are in rage these days; but before giving these colours a try, make sure it matches your skin tone.

It is always better to be careful while wearing a lipstick because you know it can enhance your look. In this article, we'll let you know how to choose lipsticks according to your skin tone.

Different lip colours have a distinct impact on each skin tone and that is the reason why you must make sure to choose the right shade as per your skin tone. Here are the different skin tone types and the shades that must be avoided for each of the tones. Take a look.


1. Dark Skin Tone

The beauty of people with dark skin tone is that they can carry most of the bright colours effortlessly. Rich and dark colours go well with their skin tone and also merge well with their skin complexion. Colours like dark red and burgundy might go well with your complexion and also look rich.

Colors To Avoid

Girls with dark skin tone should avoid using pastel shades or light shades on their lips, as it might make your skin look darker. Wearing pastels might give a washed-out appearance. You should also avoid the metallic trend which is in rage these days. Pastel shades of lipsticks should be avoided as well.


2. Wheatish Skin Tone

Wheatish skin tone is the most versatile skin tone and women with this skin tone can spot a number of lipsticks around the globe. You are the queen and there is no problem in carrying any amount of colour with your personality. You can rock bright orange, red, brown, pink or whatever you want to work on. In addition to that, you can also go forward with gold and metallic shades.

Shades To Avoid

Although we have earlier said that all the colours go well with your skin tone, still a woman with wheatish skin tone should avoid flaunting colours like dark blue, dark red or purple. These colours generally get mixed with your skin tone. Also, you should avoid wearing shimmer or too much of a glossy lipstick, as there are chances of similar colour friction problems.


3. Fair Skin Tone

People with fair skin tone have the best type of skin. Actually, we'd say people with fair skin tone are the most blessed ones. Just like wheatish complexion, people with fair skin tone can also rock any colour, but more of light purple, medium red and shades of pink would suit. Different blue hues go best on your fair skin tone.

Shades To Avoid

Fair women should avoid applying very dark shades of black, green, blue, orange, etc., except red. You should avoid wearing bright red, as it won't look as bright as it should.


4. Pale Skin Tone

Carrying such an amazing complexion needs efforts and so does the lip colour options for you. You can opt for pastel or light shaded lipsticks, as it is said that pastels are just made for pale skin tone girls. You can also opt for warm shades of red, purple and blue to get a glamorous look.

Shades To Avoid

Because you have a pale skin, you should avoid wearing dark colours, including brown, red and maroon. Wearing dark shades may create an impression and make your skin look paler. For the similar reason, you should also avoid wearing bronze, metallic shades and avoid the shades of brown. Metallic lipstick is a strict no-no for girls with a pale skin tone.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 1, 2017, 8:00 [IST]