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How to Get Ombre Lips At Home Easily

Sometimes, one colour is too boring to wear on your lips. Would you like to combine two contrasting lip colours and get ombre lips? If yes, then you are on the right page. Ombre style is popular in nail art, hair colouring and even on lips.

You do not have to visit a salon to get this look. You can use your regular lip colour and then try mixing different hues together. And if you are satisfied with the outcome, then you can definitely achieve that ombre lips at home.

The key to applying makeup, be it an eyeliner, concealer, blush, lipstick, etc., all depends on the way you apply them. If you know your techniques well, then you will be able to pull off any kind of a makeup. So, if you have a wedding to attend and want to look unique, then go ahead and try out these ombre lips.

Below, we have a few steps that you can follow and get that ombre lips. So, let's see, shall we?

1. Colour Pick:

The first and foremost step is to choose your lip colour. Determining and choosing the right colour will make your lips look awesome. Always pick one colour that is similar to your main lip colour, then go for a colour that's either darker or lighter than your base colour. But make sure it's of the same shade. Ombre lips are in fashion these days and the best way to achieve that look is to use a red lipstick as a base and pair it up with dark brown or with a pink lipstick. The trick here is to use two colours to create a gradient of colours. If you are going for a pink base, then use an orange or a brown lip colour.

2. How To Apply:

There are various ways to create an ombre lip. Like, applying a darker shade of lip colour on the lower lip and a lighter shade on the upper lip, or you can use the gradient from the outer most edge to the innermost edge of your lips, or you can even go horizontally across, like making one corner of your mouth lighter than the other corner. You can use any technique you'd want to get those ombre lips.

3. Dual Effect:

In order to achieve this look, you'll need to use a lighter shade on one lip and the darker shade on the other lip. And then you'll need to blend them in properly.

4. Outer Appeal:

In order to get those ombre lips, you should keep in mind that one lip shade needs to be darker than the other and then blend them in at the inner side. Make sure you line your lips with a lip liner, so that the lipstick will not bleed out. Choose a lip liner that is one shade darker than your base lip colour. Make sure you draw thicker lines on the corner of your lip and then slowly taper it off when you reach the center part of your lips. You can finish it off by coating your lipstick with a clear lip gloss.

5. Inner Charm:

This is the complete opposite of the previous one. Here, the innermost part of your lips is darker and the colours tone down as you move out. The best colour would be pink for the inner colour and neutral for the outer colour.

6. The Enchantress:

In this technique, a combination of red and deep brown will give the ombre lips effect. Here, you use the deep brown lip liner on the upper and lower inner corners of your mouth. Now, use a shade of wine lip colour and trace it over this line. Then, finally, you need to apply a red lipstick all over your lips.

So, once you are comfortable with the technique, you can go ahead and try out the different shades of colours. Now, we will provide a step-by-step procedure on how to get an amazing ombre lip makeup.

Step-by-step procedure

1. Exfoliate Your Lips:

You can remove the dead skin cells from your lips by scrubbing your lip with a lip scrubber or with a toothbrush. Exfoliation will help stimulate blood flow to your lips and therefore make them look plump.

2. Moisturize Your Lips:

You can use your everyday lip balm, chapstick, etc. This will provide a smooth base when you apply your lipstick. Make sure you do not apply excess lip balm because this will make the blending process a bit difficult. So, wipe off the excess with a tissue paper.

3. Pick Your Base Colour:

Pick a colour that goes well with your skin tone, preferably a darker shade. So, today we've picked up red.

4. Line Your Lips:

Choose a lip liner that matches your base colour and draw an outline on your lips.

5. Pick Your Second Colour:

Since we've picked red, pink will be a good choice to apply at the center.

How To Apply

1. Line Your Lips:

Line your lips and make sure you do not smudge your liner.

2. Colour Your Lips:

Now, gently shade your lips with the same lip liner that you are using to line your lips. Do not colour your whole lips.

3. Apply Your Base:

Apply your base colour carefully all over your lips and avoid applying many coats because you will be applying another colour in the center of your lips and blending it.

4. Apply Your Centre Colour:

Apply your second colour on the center of both your lips. If you are using a matte finish lip colour, then you would want to be quick, as matte tends to dry out very quickly.

5. Blend:

Once you've applied your lip colour, gently rub your lips together and focus on rubbing only the center of your lips. Now, pat your lips together, as this will help the center lip colour to fade and blend together. If you still feel that your colours have not blended properly, use a lip brush and gently blend them together.

6. Get A Clean-cut Lip Line With A Concealer:

If your lip liner has smudged, then take a concealer and with the help of a lip brush, brush the outside of your lip line. This will make your lips look nice and also give you a clean-cut lip line.

And we're done! So, ladies, go ahead and try out this awesome ombre lip makeup and you can try mixing different colours of your choice. Pout those sexy lips!

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