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Lip Care Tips for This Monsoon

By Debdatta Mazumder

Cracked and chapped lips are the story of winter. But, you can't ignore your beautiful lips in other seasons too.

There are many people who suffer from rough lip problems throughout the year; and if you don't take steps to cure that, those cracked and bleeding lips will ruin your image.

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Imagine, you are dressed up from head to toe, but your lips are pale and rough. How embarrassing that would be, right? Like every season, you can follow simple lip care tips for this monsoon.

Now, you may ask what is special about treating lips in the monsoon season. Actually, with monsoon drizzle, there is paleness and a monotone in the nature.

Why not add some vibrancy around you with your rosy lips? For that, you just need to know the ways to take care of your lips this monsoon. During rainy season, the air is humid and that makes your lips turn pale.

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Instead of using a lot of creamy and loud colours, go for dreamy colours like fuchsia pink, tangerine tangy, nude pink, wooden brown, etc.

But, your lips will look gorgeous only if you follow good lip care tips during the monsoon season. Like your whole body, your lips need a special care as well. So, what are the ways to take care of your lips this monsoon? Well, read on to know more.


1. Scrub Well:

This must be one of the most important ways to take care of your lips this monsoon. To get rid of dead cells and dirt, you need to exfoliate your lips well. But, as your lips are soft, don't use a harsh scrubber. Apply petroleum jelly and take a soft toothbrush. Then, rub your lips gently to scrub off the dead skin cells.


2. Hydrate Them Enough:

Treating from the outside won't help if you are not healthy from the inside. Have enough water, so that all the toxins are removed and your skin and lips stay smooth and soft. Drink water and you can also have fruit juices or detox drinks.


3. Massage Your Lips:

While looking for lip care tips for this monsoon; this tip will help get you those natural pink lips. Like your body, your lips need a massage too. Take butter, jojoba cream, olive oil, etc., and massage it gently. This will improve blood circulation and give you naturally pink lips.


4. Keep Them Moisturised:

If your lips become dry, they will get cracks easily, which will be easily visible. Cracked lips not only look awful but also give you pain, and they may bleed as well. Hence, always keep your lips moisturised. Use petroleum jelly, lip balms, olive oil, etc., to stop the lips from turning dry.


5. Natural Moisturiser Is The Best:

Going natural for your skin care is really the best option that you can try. Why to use chemicals and make things worse, right? Use ghee, butter, almond oil, olive oil, honey, cocoa butter, etc., for intensive care.


6. Have A Healthy Diet:

As you know, following a healthy diet is a must to make sure you have healthy, pink lips too. Instead of having spicy and oily foods, go for more fruits and veggies during the monsoon season. As monsoon is the time of water-borne diseases, don't have roadside foods and drinks.


7. Stop Smoking:

No matter how much you care for your lips, if you don't quit smoking at once, you can't get rid of those pale patches present on your lips. Stay away from cigarettes and get beautiful lips naturally.


8. Remove Lipstick Every Night:

This is definitely one of the most effective lip care tips for this monsoon. Never go to bed without removing your lip shade. Otherwise, it will make your lips chapped and the chemicals will also make your lips turn dull.

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Story first published: Monday, August 8, 2016, 7:30 [IST]