Hot Ways To Keep Your Lips Kissable

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Ladies, have you ever been in a situation where your lips weren't ready to be kissed? I guess we all have, right? Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the perfect ways to help get your lips ready for a kiss. Well, the tips which are mentioned on the list are not at all rocket science.

They are pretty easy and guess what, you don't have to waste time and your hard earned money purchasing products which will make a hole in your pocket.

DO YOU WANT A NICE POUT? There are simple home remedies to follow and if you have time on your hands, we are sure you will be able to achieve those kissable lips. Lip care is very important and it should be focused on everyday.

Using a lip moisturizer during the day to help keep chapped lips at bay is possibly the best you can do for a start! On the other hand, there are a few more tips you need to make sure to follow before you sleep, so that your lips get kissable overnight! Take a look at some of the best possible and hot ways to keep your lips kissable:


Do You Lick Your Lips?

One of the worst habits most of us have is licking our lips at every little chance we get. Licking your lips will only leave them dry, chapped not so nice.


Lip Colours

You should make it a point to change your lip colour regularly. Don't stick to only one shade. There are a lot of hues which will help you look hot and sexy.


Quit The Butt

Smoking is not only harmful for your health, it is also harmful for your lips as it causes your lips to wrinkle and turn black too. Therefore, one of the best and hot ways to keep your lips kissable is to forget about smoking.


Homemade Cream

As we age gracefully, the colour of our lips fade and wrinkle out. Therefore, applying a homemade natural cream on your lips every night will help to look after them and will keep your lips totally kissable.


Moisturise Them

Have you tried any of these homemade lips balms? Well, it is best to only use natural products on your lips to make them kiss ready. Apply these balm to avoid your lips from getting chapped and dry.


Exfolaite Your Lips

Exfolaiting your lips is ideally the best tip to follow every second day, whether in winter or summer. Try these lip exfolaitiors to help keep your lips kissable.


Hydrate Those Lips

Drinking enough water every day will help your lips look healthy and much plumper. This is one of the many hot ways to keep your lips kissable and to prevent them from cracking too.

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