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Kheema Recipes

Delicious Dahi Keema Recipe
Dahi keema recipe is one of the most nutritious recipes as its main ingredients are yoghurt and mutton. Yogurt is rich in calcium and other nutrients, while meat contains all the essential proteins. It is a complete diet and tasty as ...
Delicious Dahi Keema Recipe

Kheema Saag Recipe For Ramzan
Ramzan is the time when you are fasting for almost the entire day. This means you lose out on required calories and also become prone to acidity as your body doesn't get food. Ramzan recipes should thus be tasty as well ...
Kheema Pakora: Ramzan Snack Recipe
Ramzan is the time when you will fast from sunrise to sunset and then break your fast with some delicacies. If you have been fasting all day, what would be the first thing on your mind. You will certainly not go ...
Kheema Pakora Ramzan Snacks Recipe
Mutton Kheema Cutlets Fried With Eggs
Mutton kheema cutlets are of many types. The Ramzan recipe that we are going to share with you today has been inspired by the Kolkata variety of mutton kheema cutlets. You must have heard of the the legendary Kobiraji cutlets. The ...
Kheema Puri: A Treat From Bangladesh
Puri recipes are very common in Indian cuisine. We have various kinds of puris including stuffed ones. But kheema puri is a recipe that is mainly popular in the Eastern sides of India. Traditionally, kheema puri is a dish from Bangladesh. ...
Kheema Puri Treat From Bangladesh
Shimla Mirch Kheema: Capsicum & Meat Curry
Indians have a fetish for spicy food. No wonder most of the kheema recipes that you might have come across use a lot of red chillies. However, red chillies are not very good for your stomach and digestion. But don't worry, ...
Shimla Mirch Kheema Recipe
Andhra Style Kheema Fry
Kheema fry is a dry side dish that is prepared in many ways across the country. The Kheema Fry that we are making here is an Andhra recipe. As is the case with most Andhra recipes, the spice content is very ...
Keema Tikki: Fried Mutton Cutlets
Keema tikki is a dish that is famous in North India. It is originally a Mughlai keema recipe that is now popular as a street food. This special mutton cutlet is usually fried by street vendors in places like Delhi, Lucknow ...
Keema Tikki Recipe
Kheema Sabzi: A Mutton Delicacy
Kheema sabzi is an awesome kheema recipe. And it is not just because of its taste but also because it is rich in proteins alongside all the goodness of the vegetables. You can try this kheema recipe using either chicken or ...
Kheema Sabzi Recipe
Egg Kheema Curry Recipe
Both egg and kheema (mutton, beef or chicken) are favourites in a family of non vegetarians. So, why not combine them into one brilliant kheema recipe? Egg kheema curry is a culmination of two popular recipes, kheema mutter recipe and scrambled ...
Kheema Pav: Amchi Mumbai Recipe
Food in Mumbai has its own signifier. For example, the 'pav' in Kheema Pav tells you that it has to be food from the streets of the Island city. This interesting Kheema recipe is mostly adored as street food in the ...
Kheema Pav Recipe
Kheema Kaleji: Mutton & Liver Fry
Kheema Kaleji is a traditional kheema recipe in Central India. This dish is made of minced meat and mutton liver. It is cooked in Awadhi style with curd and a plethora of spices. Kheema Kaleji literally translates to meat with liver. ...
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