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Indian Breads

Sheermal: Ramzan Spl Sweet Bread Recipe
Ramzan recipes are not always filled with meat and spices. You can also have dishes that can be enjoyed by people who have a sweet tooth. By the way, we are not giving you a dessert recipe for Ramzan here. Have ...
Sheermal Ramzan Special Sweet Bread Recipe

Besan Methi Ki Roti: Indian Bread
Besan ki roti is an Indian bread popular in Rajasthan. Besan ki roti is prepared with besan, which is Bengal gram flour. It is basically ground chana dal, with which the dough is made. Ideally, besan ki roti has besan, a ...
Stuffed Cabbage Paratha Recipe
Parathas are one of the most preferred breads in the Indian cuisine. In most of the households, a meal is incomplete without parathas. Oily and crisp hot parathas are always a treat to the taste buds. They can either be teamed ...
Stuffed Cabbage Paratha Recipe
Amritsari Stuffed Aloo Kulcha Recipe
Kulcha is a popular type of Indian bread that is very widely prepared in the northern states of India. You might have tried the plain kulcha with rich gravies that are not just spicy, but utterly delicious. There are many types ...
Roti Recipes For Breakfast
Roti is one of the most preferred bread in the Indian cuisine. They are light, easy to prepare and digest. Most importantly, rotis are made with whole grain namely wheat. Roti is widely prepared in every household. A meal is incomplete ...
Roti Recipes Breakfast
Paneer Kulcha: Stuffed Indian Bread
Kulcha is a type of Indian bread that is very popular in the northern states of India. There are many kulcha recipes that are very popular in restaurants and hotels. For example, masala kulcha, paneer kulcha, stuffed kulcha, butter kulcha, plain ...
Paneer Kulcha Stuffed Indian Bread
Khameeri (Yeast) Naan Recipe
Roti is a staple Indian bread. Like the westerns have bread, we Indians always have rotis or parathas. The Indian bread is made with wheat or all purpose flour. The dough is kneaded with warm water and then rolled out. These ...
Ajwain Mirchi Paratha Recipe
There are many main course recipes that you can try at home. However, most of the dishes are complicated or require too many ingredients. For main course, you can choose any dish from a cuisine. Indian breads for example is a ...
Ajwain Mirchi Paratha Recipe
Onion and Cheese Paratha Recipe
Parathas are one of the most common breakfast recipes. This staple bread from the Indian cuisine is wholesome and quite filling. Parathas are teamed up with Indian curry or with curd, chutney or pickle. An Indian meal is incomplete without a ...
Onion Cheese Paratha Recipe
Moong Dal Parantha Recipe
Parantha is a staple Indian dish. Also known as Indian bread, paranthas are teamed up with sabzis or spicy curries. You can make Indian bread with wheat or all purpose flour. However, consuming all purpose flour on regular basis can be ...
Baked Bhatura: Low Fat Indian Bread
Channa bhatura is a famous North-Indian food. When we think about North-Indian, especially Punjabi food, Channa Bhatura (also known as Chola bhatura) comes to our mind. It is made in the street stalls and in the kitchen too. Channa bhatura ...
Baked Bhatura Recipe
Onion Kachori: A Yummy Snacks Recipe
Onion kachori is a very yummy kachori recipe that you can relish in the morning. This is a wonderful breakfast recipe that shall definitely be relished by all food lovers. And most importantly, you can prepare onion kachori easily on a ...
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