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Have You Heard About Dog's Suicide Bridge?
If you have had a pet dog and if it has passed away, the amount of grief is inevitable! And if you get to know that your dog jumped to its death on its own, it can depress you to death! ...
A Man Accidentally Adopted A Wolf!
We all love dogs, and having them as our pets completes our family. But what if you suddenly realise that the little pup you had adopted is not a dog but a wolf instead? Well, this did happen to an unidentified ...
A Man Accidentally Adopted A Wolf
Stray Dogs Save Abandoned Newborn Girl
This is a true incident that happened in a part of Bangladesh. A newborn child who was abandoned by her parents was guarded by none other than street dogs!  No doubt dogs make us laugh, comfort us when we cry ...
Ever Wondered Why Dogs Run Behind Moving Vehicles?
Have you ever wondered why dogs run behind moving vehicles? Or do you find dogs bark at people who are walking around or even at the poor beggars? Yes, these questions may have cropped up in our minds; however, we may ...
Ever Wondered Why Dogs Run Behind Moving Vehicles
Things To Know About China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival
There are many weird things that are taking the world by a storm. Be it the Internet challenges or the weirdest festivals that people are celebrating around the world. We are witnessing the most bizarre festivals and trends nowadays. Be it ...
6 Reasons Why Men Who Love Dogs Make The Perfect Husband
If you are dating a man who loves his dog unconditionally, consider yourself to be the luckiest woman in the world. There is a popular saying, "A dog is a man's best friend". Without a doubt, that four-legged friend is indeed ...
Six Reasons Why Men Who Love Dogs Make The Perfect Husband
8 Interesting Facts About Dogs
We all know how pets, especially dogs keep us happy. In fact pets heal us. Many studies claim that pets can prevent depression and relieve you from stress. They share our joys and sorrows. You will never feel lonely when you ...
10 Longest Living Dog Breeds
Dogs are one of the favourite pets around the world. Many pet lovers consider them as a part of the family. Almost all owners may ask the question “how long will my dog live?”. Most people try to get one which ...
Ten Ongest Living Dog Breeds
Strange Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Are dogs better than cats or is it vice versa? The debate has always been going on will continue to do so. There will never be an end to this because not all people think alike. It all depends upon the ...
10 Home Remedies For Dog Fleas
Dog is a best pet to keep. However keeping dog as a pet means more care and maintenance regarding food and hygiene. Any dog lover would love to take care of their favorite pet. Sometimes, a dog owner faces a lot ...
Ten Home Remedies For Dog Fleas
19 Best And Safe Home Made Foods For Dogs
It is assumed by some people that if a food is good for us humans, then it must also be fine for our beloved pets. The truth is, this is absolutely not the case. A fair few of the foods ...
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