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Ways To Take Care Of Dogs During Diwali

By Ajanta Sen

Diwali is almost knocking at your doorstep and about 90 percent of your preparations may have been done already. Diwali means lots of lights and lots of noise. Although everyone pledges to burst crackers only at a particular time of the day, especially at night, they never abide by it.

Crackers are busted every now and then at almost any time of the day, which can easily annoy anyone. If you have a dog, this is a matter of concern for him as well. Dogs can get frightened and tensed when they hear the noise of a bursting cracker.

Not only the pet dogs; but the stray dogs also get very uncomfortable because of the annoying noise of crackers during Diwali. Thus, it is very important to take special care of all kinds of dogs during Diwali.

Tips to Take care of Dogs during Diwali

Your pet dog who has always been by your side since so many years from morning till night, definitely deserves extra care during festivities. Following are some of the top tips to offer a stress-free Diwali to your dogs:


Feed Him Nicely

Make sure to take your dog for a leisure walk and feed him well before the bursting of the crackers begin. This will reduce his stress and ensure a sound sleep.


Keep Your Crackers Away From Dogs

Do not keep the box of crackers near your pet and if you do so, he is likely to lick it which can affect his health. Crackers contain toxic elements that can be harmful for your pets if they eat them.


Sweets Should Be Kept Away

Keep the gift hampers of chocolates and sweets far away from your dogs. Those are for humans and not for dogs, so make sure they are kept out of the reach from them. All the Diwali Puja items, candles and diyas ought to be kept away from the dogs.


Be Cautious

If your pet is stressed out, he will either hide or escape. Make sure not to keep any walkways or windows open for them to escape. If they want to be beneath your sofa or bed, let them be there.


Keep Your First Aid Box Ready

You always keep the first aid handy for your kids, so that it can give them the instant relief if they get any burns during Diwali. Similarly, make sure to keep a first aid kit ready for your dogs as well. You can also keep some anxiety medications with you handy, so that you don't need to search for them in case your pets need it.


Do Not Scold

Never scold your dog even if he gets frightened because of the noisy crackers. Just calm him down and behave in a normal way. Once he settles down, reward him with his favourite food or just give him a hug for being quiet.


Cotton Can Be Helpful

Putting cotton in the ears of your dog can help to block the annoying noise to some extent. However, some dogs get scared even after putting cotton in their ears. If your doggie is comfortable with it, you can follow it, else do not force him to do so.


Never Throw Crackers At Dogs

Tell your kids and neighbours to respect the dogs whether they are pets or stray. There are many people who find it a fun to burst crackers and throw these at dogs. This can cause serious injuries to them. Thus, make sure to keep an eye on them, so that no one can harm them. Remember, stray dogs do not have a home to stay, so make sure you give them a safe and comfortable environment during the festival of Diwali.

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