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Have You Heard About Dog's Suicide Bridge?

If you have had a pet dog and if it has passed away, the amount of grief is inevitable! And if you get to know that your dog jumped to its death on its own, it can depress you to death! This is the story of a dog's suicide bridge!!

Here, in this article, we are about to share this information that can totally shock you! A bridge in Scotland has got a notorious fame, as 600 dogs leap over the bridge and almost 50 dogs have died due to this!

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The dogs leap to their death from a 50-ft tall bridge. The weirdest thing about this place is that all dogs jump from the same spot!

Can you even imagine that your pet might just leap to its death if you are passing by this bridge. So, check out more details on this bridge that can give you chills!


The Overtoun Bridge

This bridge is located in a village called Milton, Scotland. This beautiful bridge was built in 1859. From 1950's, the bridge suddenly came into focus and this is not because of the picturesque view, but because of canine death! The shocking part was that all the canines had jumped to their deaths, and it has been from the same spot!


The Bridge Is Haunted!

Though the trend of dogs jumping to their death started in 1950's, the rates of so-called deaths rapidly picked up in 1960's. In the 1990's, this dog's suicide bridge was named as a haunted bridge!


What Started The Rumours?

A man named Kevin Moy threw his baby son from the bridge in the year 1994. He later tried to commit suicide, but he survived. When he was questioned, he claimed that the baby was anti-Christ, since then rumours of all kinds started spreading around.


But What Happens To Dogs?

All the pet owners who had lost their dogs in this tragic way narrated their eerie description, where they claimed the dogs behaved normally until they reached that particular spot. After standing there for a few seconds, they would climb the parapet wall and just jump to their death without any warning.


Was The Scent From Mice, Squirrels And Minks Responsible?

Dogs found the smell of the minks to be irresistible. And there were reports that the place below was filled with minks, mice and squirrels. This particular smell we are talking of here is the smell from the anal gland of the animal. It has a strong odour and dogs are extremely attracted to it. But, this theory was knocked out when they could not reason out as to why dogs chose the same spot!


It's Going To Remain A Mystery Forever!!

This dog's suicide bridge is something that continues to remain a mystery, as none have been able to find out what happens to dogs on this particular bridge and on that very particular spot!

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Images Source: Youtube

Check out the below video of this haunted bridge...

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