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Stray Dogs Save Abandoned Newborn Girl

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This is a true incident that happened in a part of Bangladesh. A newborn child who was abandoned by her parents was guarded by none other than street dogs!

Stray Dogs Save Abandoned Newborn Girl

No doubt dogs make us laugh, comfort us when we cry and bring us joy. They also have compassion and unconditional love and this case is a sheer example of it.

seven-day-old baby

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This seven-day-old baby was recently abandoned in Purulia. Apparently, the child was left in a cluster of bushes.


The dogs had stepped in to protect the little one and were chasing crows away and protecting her.

The dogs

Reports claim that it is unknown as to how long the dogs were watching the infant, or how long they had been around the kid until she was discovered by a local school teacher.


school teacher

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When the teacher heard the screams of the infant he rushed to her rescue and took her to his place and fed her some milk.

The best part was that all the dogs that were protecting the infant accompanied the school master to his place.


On one hand, this shows us the true compassion these dogs have and on the other hand, it shows how inhuman people can be by throwing away their own child.

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