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Cough And Cold

What Type Of Cough Do You Have?
It is very common suffer to from cough during the change of season. And just because it is common, we find it perfectly reasonable to ignore it until it gives us sleepless nights. Now even if we actually admit that the ...
Different Types Cough

Ways To Prevent Tonsil Infections
Tonsil can be painful but, it a process by which the bacteria and germs are flushed out from the body in the form of cough. Also known as Tonsillitis, this is a throat problem that happens mostly during monsoon and winter. ...
8 Natural Ways To Cure Cough In Toddler
Coughing is a defensive mechanism which takes out mucus and prevents the dead cells from settling in the lungs. Through cough, all the irritants are thrown out from the body. Coughing in toddler can be due to various reasons such as ...
Natural Remedies Toddler Cough
Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cough Phlegm
If its the cold season or hot season, common cold is one infection that never leaves you. The mucus or phlegm that settles in the respiratory tract is quite disturbing and doesn't allow to do any work. Today, we shall discuss ...
Homemade Cough Syrup Sans Side Effects
Cough syrups treat coughing effectively but one of the major side effective is it's sedative quality. It makes you feel drowsy, lazy and fatigue sets in. Regular intake of cough syrups can make you an addict and thus, government has put ...
Homemade Cough Syrup Recipes 130511 Aid
Stuffy Nose And Remedies For Quick Cure
Stuffy nose is a common symptom of flu, cough and cold and sinus. It becomes difficult for you to breath and swallow as the wind pipe shrinks and is filled with mucus. Blocked nose hinders you from breathing properly and constant ...
Stuffy Nose Remedies
Combat Common Cold With Natural Cures In Winter
The winter chill has arrived and you cannot possibly avoid the sneezes, sniffles, cold and cough. A couple of sneezes may end up in a continuous train, which could possibly lead to an oozy nose, itchy sore throat, cough which ...
Dry Cough Home Remedies
Dry cough rather than causing you a throat pain and constant irritation, can be very embarrassing in a public place. It takes a long time to cure. Dry cough can be caused due to throat infection, pollution, hormonal changes during puberty, ...
Dry Cough Home Remedies
Asthma And it's Symptoms & Treatment
Asthma, generally know as acute breathing problem is caused by the narrowing of the airways. During asthma attack, the airways get swollen and the muscles around it tightens. The swelling is called bronchospasm. The inflamed cell lining of the airways ...
Asthma Symptoms Treatment
Seasons Maybe Causing You Cough And Cold
Certain allergens come out during specific time of year, here are some tips to help you identify triggers that make catch cough and cold plus tips to help you manage your allergies around the world.In a Saint Louis University Medical Center ...
No More Sneezing
What Causes Common Cold?There are more than 200 viruses which can cause common cold. As there are so many viruses it is difficult for the body to build up immunity for all of them thus we tend to suffer from ...
Common Cold Cures
Household sprays cause increase in asthma
A leading health expert Jan Paul Zock, from Centre of Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona said, the use of household cleaning sprays could spread to a rise in cases of asthma. Chemicals like chlorine,bleach, disinfectants and other cleaning agents can ...
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