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Ways To Prevent Tonsil Infections

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Prevent Tonsil Infections
Tonsil can be painful but, it a process by which the bacteria and germs are flushed out from the body in the form of cough. Also known as Tonsillitis, this is a throat problem that happens mostly during monsoon and winter. When you know that seasonal changes lead to this throat infection, it is best to prevent it before you are badly hit with the throat pain and cough. Here are few ways to prevent suffering from tonsil.

Preventions and precautions for tonsillitis:

Personal hygiene: Cleanliness is one of the main factors to ensure that you are healthy. Wash your hands after using the bathroom, before eating, after sneezing or coughing etc. As cold and cough are communicable, you have to be more careful while mixing with people who have cough and cold. Wash your hands and cover your mouth when someone is sneezing or coughing carelessly.

Avoid cold drinks: Your throat becomes more prone to infections if you have chilled beverages. To prevent tonsillitis, try this precaution. Cross out cold drinks in monsoon season. If you are thirsty and want to beat the heat with a bottle of a cold beverage, wait till your sweat dries. When you are relaxed and not sweating, drink cold but not too cold fluids.

Drink herbal tea: It is one of the effective and healthy ways to prevent tonsillitis. Have herbal tea to kill the bacteria and germs that produce cough. Prefer green tea, cinnamon tea, clove or cardamom tea. They are healthy for your body as well as throat.

Avoid citrus fruits: The acids in citrus fruits can lead to throat infections. This does not mean that you should not eat citrus fruits at all. When your throat is itchy or sore, avoid having citrus fruits such as lime, orange, strawberries etc. Moreover, in monsoon, avoid having these fruits directly from the refrigerator.

No tobacco: If you have the bad habit of smoking or chewing tobacco, here is a notification for you. Tobacco is one of the reasons behind tonsil. To prevent this throat infection, say no to tobacco consumption. Tobacco dries the throat and also makes it prone to infections. So, avoid smoking especially during monsoon season.

Cleaning house: Wash your bedsheets, cushion and pillow covers once in a week. This prevent the dust and germs from settling in the house. Wash soft toys and use neat and clean clothes every day.

Apart from these list of prevention and precautions, you have to drink lots of fluids to avoid suffering from tonsillitis. Stay hydrated and have a healthy diet. Avoid junk and oily food during seasonal changes. If your throat is itchy or painful, you have to be careful. These can be symptoms of tonsillitis.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 14:50 [IST]
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