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No More Sneezing

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

What Causes Common Cold?

There are more than 200 viruses which can cause common cold. As there are so many viruses it is difficult for the body to build up immunity for all of them thus we tend to suffer from common cold quite often. These viruses have the ability to create infection in the inner lining of nose and throat which leads to stuffy nose and painful throat. These viruses are always around us and thus it is very easy to get connected with it. Though common cold is not a serious disease but still has the ability to make a person sick for a day or two. The contagious self of this disease makes it a reoccurring process.


The symptoms of common cold include stuffy and running nose, sore throat, mild fever and body pain. In some severe conditions, high fever is accompanied with headache and watery eyes. Common cold can take complete control of your system. In most cases the victim feels sleepy.

Common cold is very contagious. If an infected person touches another person, he gets infected too. The viruses of the cold can also be passed on to objects.

Home Remedies For Common Cold

1.Adequate intake of Vitamin C can prevent common cold. Lemon is the best source. Lemon increases body immunity and reduces toxicity. Squeeze on whole lemon in a glass of warm water with 1 small spoon of honey. Drink it twice a day.

2.Tulsi is another main cure of common cold. Take 10 tulsi leaves everyday twice.

3.Boil a cup of water with tulsi, ginger and crushed pepper seeds. Strain the drink and drink it hot twice a day.

4.Eat a small piece of turmeric stick every morning in empty stomach. Turmeric is antiseptic and thus will cure all infections and also kill bacteria's causing cold.

5.For stuffy nose, crush some turmeric and put it in hot water. Breath in the steam to get rid of the blocked nose.

6.Have a body massage with mustard oil. Focus more on back and chest. Massage the temples of your forehead and nose also with this oil. After the massage, cover yourself with a blanket and have a good night sleep.

Once affected with common cold, the victim is likely to suffer from it for a minimum of 5 days. But some people are very sensitive to common cold. The reason is lack of immunity. In such cases doctor needs to be consulted.

Story first published: Monday, August 2, 2010, 15:49 [IST]
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