Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Cough Phlegm

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Cough Phlegm
If its the cold season or hot season, common cold is one infection that never leaves you. The mucus or phlegm that settles in the respiratory tract is quite disturbing and doesn't allow to do any work. Today, we shall discuss on how to get rid of the cough phlegm by natural ways. Take a look.

Although mucus protects the lungs from various air borne infection, it is sometimes secreted too much due to common cold, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory tract infection. You will also be shocked to know that cigarette smoking may also increase mucus formation. But here are few tips to get rid of the cough phlegm.

Getting Rid Of Phlegm (Mucus) – Home Remedies

1. Drinking good amount of water can dilute mucus making it more watery. One advantage of the mucus becoming watery is that it can be easily be put out. Expelling cough phlegm also helps in getting rid of the infection causing bacteria and dust.

2. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil or camphor oil in boiling water and inhaling the steam will liquify the dry cough phlegm and can be spit out easily.

3. Making a concoction of peppercorn, turmeric, cumin seeds, ginger and honey can bring a lot of relief from nasal, throat and respiratory tract infections. The spices clear the nasal passage and turmeric, ginger act like an anti bacterial.

4. Apart from the concoction, the spicy shorba, soups and chicken stock can also help you get over with the excess mucus secretion.

5. Gargling tea liquor and drinking herbal teas will also reduce the infection.

6. Taking a tsp of fresh ginger juice or raw onion juice can gradually help in getting rid of cough phlegm.

7. With these phlegm remedies, exercises like pranayama and other deep breathing techniques also help in maintaining good health.

Story first published: Monday, August 22, 2011, 11:11 [IST]
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