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5 Ways To Apply Concealer Like A Pro!
Do you like wearing make-up? If you do, you might know what it means to own a make-up kit that consists of various products including an eyeshadow palette, a liner, mascara, primer, foundation, blush, colour corrector, and even a concealer. But ...
How To Apply Concealer

The Dos And Don’ts Of Makeup Application
Makeup can make or break your entire appearance. But we know that makeup can be a bit tricky, especially if you are a newbie. We have all experimented with makeup and had some failure moments too, and that is why we ...
Simple Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Big
Not everyone is blessed with big, beautiful eyes. Everyone has different eye shapes and all shapes are beautiful. Sometimes, you would like to do a little makeover and get a different look altogether, isn't it? For example, creating an illusion of ...
Simple Makeup Trciks To Make Eyes Look Big
Contour Versus Concealer – Basics You Need To Note
Aspiring fashionistas and a few women are often confused between the use of a concealer and contour. So, what they end up doing is apply both - that is a concealer and contour - all over the face and then, complain ...
Concealer Hacks That Will Change Your Makeup Game
Concealer is one among the most important cosmetic that every girl uses in order to get a flawless finish. Concealer basically helps to conceal the uneven or hyperpigmented area on the face, thus giving you a smooth and radiant finish. If ...
Different Types Of Concealers You Can Choose From
Concealers are something that we rely on a lot to hide that sudden pesky pimple that decides to pop up right before an important event or function. There are different types of concealers available in the markets today. We will tell ...
Different Types Of Concealers You Can Choose From
Your True Guide To Colour Correcting Like A Pro!
What do we do when we have blemishes and under-eye circles? Common knowledge and lots of information on the Internet tells us to use a concealer. But have you ever wondered why a mere concealer never seems to cover all of ...
Easy Steps To Hide A Scar With Makeup
Scars are not usually meant to be hidden, as one should always be confident with the way they look. But, in case you need a little bit of help in feeling confident, makeup can always help you with that, which is ...
Easy Steps To Hide Scar With Makeup
12 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid NOW!!
We have all made makeup mistakes in the past. In fact, that is how most of us learn. None of us are born experts on makeup. There are certain makeup mistakes you must avoid at all costs. These mistakes can make ...
How To Cover Acne Spots Using Makeup
There are very few people we know who have flawless skin. There are even fewer people who don't get pimples and acne. And more often than not, acne leaves behind marks when they go. Knowing how to cover up acne spots ...
How Cover Acne Spots Using Makeup
How To Get Dewy Skin Using Makeup
Dewy skin is all the rage these days. After all, it makes you look younger and look like you have glowy skin from within. There was a time when matte makeup was the trend. But, we all need to keep with ...

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