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Quick And Easy Makeup Routine With Only 5 Makeup Products

When it comes to makeup, there are so many products to experiment your look with like contour powder, highlighter, blush, mascara, eye shadow palette, and bronzer; the list is really endless. If you're a makeup junkie, you know how expensive these products are and we're sure most of your income must be going in buying them. These products definitely make your look flawless but what if you don't have many products? Can you ace the perfect makeup look with just a few products? Now that's challenging! But guess what, we have made it happen! Today, we have come up with an easy and quick makeup routine, which can help you look amazing in just 5 minutes and with just 5 products. This routine is especially helpful for the beginners and for those looking to saving money. Take a look.

What You Need

1. Concealer

2. Compact Powder

3. Eye Shadow Palette

4. Mascara

5. Lipstick

Step-By-Step Guide

Concealer: Begin by applying concealer on your moisturised skin - your lids, under eyes, and a little bit all over your face. The concealer helps in hiding blemishes, dark circles, and even out your skin tone. It will work great to get you flawless base. So, you can actually skip foundation. Use your fingertips to blend the concealer.

Compact Powder: Compact powder/setting powder plays a big role in setting the concealer on place. So, this is the product, which will help you lock the base of your makeup. It also gives your face a light coverage. So, after you are done with concealer, top it off with powder to give your base a perfect finish.

Eye Shadow Palette: Eye shadow makes eyes look attractive and appealing. It is the product, which is primarily applied on the eyelids. The reason why we have kept the eye shadow palette in the list is because it can be used in many ways. Apart from lids, eye shadow can also be applied under your eyes or brow bones. Moreover, it can be used as a blush. Use light pink hue to blush up the apple of your cheeks.

Mascara: Mascara opens up the eyes and makes it look extra beautiful. Mascara darkens, thickens, and curl your eyelashes that enhance the beauty of the eyes. So, apply the mascara on your upper as well as lower lashes. Use the same mascara to outline and fill-in your brows. Use little amount of it to keep it natural.

Lipstick: Lastly, pick your favourite shade of lipstick and apply it on the upper and lower part of your lips. Lipstick makes one look attractive and brightens up the smile. If you pick the right shade, lipstick can be the most eye-catching part of your entire makeup look as it totally changes one's appearance.

So, are you ready to nail the look with just 5 products? Let us know your opinions on this easy makeup routine in the comment section.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 16:56 [IST]
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