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Bought The Wrong Shade Of Foundation Or Concealer? Here Is What You Can Do About It

The quest to find the perfect shade of foundation is never-ending. We all reach the goal after many hits and misses. And as a make-up beginner, we have all done the mistake of getting a foundation or concealer in a shade that is too dark or too light for it to work. Especially in the world of online shopping with all the make-up goodies just a touch away, we tend to guess our shade by looking at the picture and end up getting something completely different. While in the store, we make the mistake of matching the foundation or concealer at the back of our wrists and not on our face or neck. The result is inevitable- the wrong shade of foundation or concealer.

No manner how much mixing and matching we do, it ends up looking either too ashy or too fake. These products just sit on our shelves waiting to be expired to throw them out. Hold on a second! Before you make a hasty decision, we have 8 easy and simple solutions for you to make the wrong shade of foundation or concealer work. Take a look and we promise you won't be disappointed!

Take It Down To Your Neck

The wrong shade of foundation becomes apparent usually because of two mistakes. The first that we don't blend it enough and the second is not taking it down the neck. The difference in the shades hence becomes visible. So, if you have got the wrong shade of foundation, take it down your neck as well and even things out. You also need to pat extra attention to blending the foundation.

Use The Setting Powder To Fix Things

If you have got a lighter shade of foundation or concealer, try using a setting powder that matches your skin tone to balance it out. After you blend the foundation, use the setting powder all over your face to match the shade. If it's the concealer that is too light, set the concealer using the skin-toned setting powder.

Pro tip: When you set the whole face using the setting powder to match the shade, avoid layering cream products on top of it.

Mix It With The Concealer

The idea behind a concealer is also to lighten your under-eye area. So, ideally, we have a shade lighter of the concealer. If you have got one shade darker of the foundation, mix it with your concealer to get a foundation that matches your skin tone.

If Foundation Is Too Light, Use It As Concealer

If your foundation is one or two shades lighter, the easiest solution is to use it as your concealer. This works effectively as we tend to use a concealer one or two shades lighter than our skin tone. Apply the foundation under your eyes just as you would a concealer and blend it in.

Use It As A Bronzer

The foundation that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone can be easily used as a bronzer. The best way to use a darker foundation that is also warm-toned is to bronze up the face. To do it, apply the foundation below your cheekbones and on the sides of your forehead and use a beauty blender or a bronzer brush to blend it in.

Use It As Your Contour

Contouring is often the step of the make-up process that intimidates us. Even the most regular of the make-up wearers shy away from contouring the face. It just seems a bit much. A shade or two darker foundation is the perfect excuse to give contouring a go. If the darker foundation is cool or neutral-toned, it is perfect for you to contour your face. Contour your cheekbones and nose using the darker foundation. Here blending plays the major role.

Use The Concealer As Your Eyeshadow Base

If you think using an eye primer is just another step in your make-up routine, you are highly mistaken. An eye primer brings the best of your eyeshadow colour and helps it stick to your lids in a better way. A lighter shade of concealer can do this job perfectly. Apply a few dots of concealer on your eyelids and use your fingers to blend it in. Now, proceed with your eye make-up.

Use A Darker Shade Of Contour Or Bronzer To Balance Things Out

Using a darker shade of contour or bronzer is the best thing you can do to balance things out. You have got a darker shade of foundation, yes. But, if you have a contour or bronzer palette with multiple shades suitable for different skin tones, you are sorted. Apply the foundation as you would normally do and use a darker shade of bronzer or contour to sculpt your face and make it look as natural and consistent as possible. Additionally, remember to take the foundation down your neck as well just to keep things even.

Story first published: Monday, March 16, 2020, 18:39 [IST]
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