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Colour Correcting Concealers: Latest Beauty Trend To Get The Flawless Look

Let's face it. We all have certain marks, spots, or even a scar on our faces. While it is right to embrace our beauty with its imperfections, there is no harm in using handy beauty essentials to hide certain flaws. A concealer is a lifesaving makeup essential that helps hide any marks, dark patches, pigmentation, and more. With the correct application, you can achieve a supple, flawless makeup look.

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Concealers now come in more advanced versions or avatars, namely colour correcting concealers. These colour-enriched concealers are especially beneficial for an uneven skin tone and patchy skin!

Read on to find more about colour correcting concealers and how you can use them to form a flawless look!

What's a colour correcting concealer?

Simply put, colour correcting concealers have a variety of shades that helps correct imperfections in your complexion. This type of concealer works great to balance the uneven skin tone and reduce blemishes, redness, and pigmentation. Ideally, you must use a colour-correcting concealer before you apply the foundation for smooth coverage.

How to apply a colour-correcting concealer?

Since colour-correcting concealers are available in various hues, you need to select the right shade to hide the marks or blemishes. Just apply it to the marks or intended area and apply the foundation as a layer over it.

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Different Colours in a Colour Correcting Concealer Palette

Green Concealer

The green colour sits opposite the red colour on the colour wheel. That's why a green concealer makes a perfect choice to hide redness on your face. A green concealer is great for hiding pimples, and acne spots as well. Apply a green primer to minimize the redness and create an even look!

Pink Concealer

You may find a pink concealer in a concealer palette that may appear almost a peach or salmon pink colour. The pink hue is formed via a blend of yellow, orange, and red. Also, these colours sit opposite the green, purple, and blue on the colour wheel. So, those who have a lighter skin tone, use a pink concealer to hide or minimize undereye circles.

Orange Concealer

You will find the orange hue opposite to the blue in a colour wheel. That's why an orange colour concealer will help hide the dark blue circles. Those with darker skin tones should use it to correct the uneven undertone issues. And those, who have lighter skin tones, should avoid orange. Go for a light pink or peach colour concealer instead.

Purple Concealer

The purple colour sits opposite the yellow on the colour wheel. Those with yellow skin undertones should opt for a purple primer or concealer. It will not only reduce yellow tones or spots from the face but also add brightness to it.

Extra Tips To Use a Colour Correcting Concealer

1. Go for the right color or shade that matches your skin.
2. Use a beauty blender or makeup sponge to apply the concealer.
3. Add a thin layer to create a supple, even base for the foundation to blend in perfectly.

Story first published: Saturday, September 17, 2022, 14:42 [IST]
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