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Perfect Toilet Cleaning Tips You Must Know
A clean toilet is more than a luxury; it's a bare necessity, and it's also perfectly achievable; all it takes is some toilet cleaner, a good toilet brush, some disinfectant, the right inclination and some time off your holiday. Even while ...
Perfect Toilet Cleaning Tips You Must Know

Why Is Gobar Used To Clean Floor In Ugadi
In India, there is no end to festivals, occasions and celebrations. There are several states in India and each has its own festivals. May be the names are different, but the meaning or heart of such festivals are more or less ...
How To Clean Home After Holi: 7 Easy Tips
Holi is all about colours!! This spring festival is vibrant with the wide variety of colours in its different forms like powders, water guns and even water balloons. But after all the celebrations are over, you will be left with a ...
How To Clean Home After Holi
Stop Doing These To Your Ears; You Might Turn Deaf
Ears are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Imagine a condition where you cannot hear anything. Frightening, isn't it? Hence, by now you must have realised that it is very essential to take care of your ears and ...
Easy Tips To Clean Gold And Silver Jewels
Gone are the days when no one cared about your jewellery. Today, most of the modern designs are available in gold and silver jewellery which makes them an indivisible part of a woman's attire. Just like how our body needs maintenance ...
Easy Tips To Clean Gold And Silver Jewels
Ways To Clean Idols Before Diwali
Diwali, the festival of crackers and light is celebrated with pomp and pride across India. Apart from temple visits, certain rituals are conducted at home as well during Diwali. Usually Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh idols are kept and puja is ...
Signs Your Body Needs Thorough Cleansing
Do you know how your body tells you that it needs some cleansing? Well, through your moods and general condition, you can tell a lot about what's going on inside your skin. Also Read: Is Prune Juice Healthy? Yes, the human body ...
Signs Your Body Needs Cleansing
How To Prepare Your Home For Varamahalakshmi Festival
"Vara" means boon and "Mahalakshmi" is the Hindu goddess for wealth and well-being. "Vrata" means fasting. This fast is observed by married women to please the Goddess Lakshmi, so that she grants a boon of wealth and well-being to the family, ...
How To Prepare Your Home For Varamahalakshmi Festival
How To Clean Painted Walls With Vinegar
Clean and beautiful walls are the direct reflection of your attitude towards housekeeping. Chances are more that you will face difficulties in keeping your walls neat if you have kids around. You will have to fight with pencil marks, crayon colours, ...
8 Tips To Keep Kitchen Shelves Clean
A busy kitchen requires regular cleaning. A lot of families not only cook in the kitchen but also have their meals there. Hence, it becomes more essential that this place remains healthy and clean even more than before.Now, keeping the kitchen ...
Eight Tips To Keep Kitchen Shelves Clean
Have This Fruit To Naturally Cleanse Your Arteries
Clogged arteries are one of the main leading causes of life-threatening problems like heart attacks, strokes, etc. The main function of the arteries is to carry blood throughout in your body, literally from the head to the toes. In other words, ...
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