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Body Piercing

Lip Piercing: Dangers & Aftercare Tips
Body piercing has become a trend these days and among all, lip piercing is getting a lot of attention. While it seems fascinating and a good fashion statement, more often than not you go into it without contemplating all its aftereffects. ...
Lip Piercing Dangers And Tips

11 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Infected Piercing
Piercing, especially the ears and nose, is a relatively common practice. But with the new trends coming in, people have started piercing various other parts such as upper lip, eyebrow, navel etc., to name a few. A newly done piercing always ...
Things You Need To Know About Navel Piercing!
Navel piercing isn't for the faint-hearted. You might also have been tempted by looking at the stunningly pierced navel of your favourite celebrity. But I promise you, it isn't as simple as it looks. Navel piercing, no doubt, is quite sensuous ...
Navel Piercing Care And Tips
Easy Ways To Clean Belly Button
Belly button is a difficult body part to clean. The belly button is a small, moist and closed body part which gets bacteria, lint and dirt easily. People with belly piercing are more prone to getting dirt in the button. So ...
Simple Cure For Belly Button Infection
Body piercing is very visible among youngsters after celebrities on TV flaunted their pierced eyebrows, lips and most commonly the belly. Belly piercing has become a fashion statement among Indian women who love to show the small piece of naval ring ...
Belly Button Infections Cure 150611 Aid
Which Nose Ring Suits You?
The nose rings trend is back and hit among the youngsters and is belived to be trendy. The nose ring trend has been typical of Indian tradition specially among married women but now as the trend has changed, nose rings are ...
Types Nose Rings 130511 Aid
Infant Ear Piercing Care
Many parents pierce the ear of their children at an early age and due to pain the child gets fever and headaches too. The right age for infant ear piercing is after five to six months, so that the baby will ...
"Noor": Celebrates The Inner Light Of A Woman
Laxmi Diamond brings to you their latest Collection named "Noor" to celebrate a collection of diamond jewellerythat celebrates the inner light of a woman. The collection is available at Cygnus Fine Jewellery outlets. Every piece of "Noor" utilizes ...
Laxmi Diamonds Noor
Tongue Piercing - New Fashion Statement
Body piercing has become popular and fashionable. It seems that almost every part of the body is open to piercing. Body piercing is done to enhance the beauty of body and to make it more fashionable. Tongue ...
Tongue Piercing Tips Jewellery
Lip Piercing - For Seductive Smile
Lip piercing, initially practiced by the African tribes, is very much in vogue these days, especially among teenagers. Many are trying to portray the bad girl or bad boy appeal, however do</p> <p>and chics, as the ring doesn't come in contact ...
Body Piercing
"Doc, I got my belly button pierced at C. Street and now its got infected, I'm afraid!" "Doc , I got my ear pierced at my local jeweller, now its paining and scar is growing!" Very common complaints that one see's ...
Body Piercing
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